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Affiliate Marketing “Quick-Start” Guide and Checklist

“Affiliate Marketing Quick-Start Guide and Checklist”

I put a short guide together for affiliate and network marketers who may either be new to digital marketing and lead generation concepts, or perhaps just not getting the desired results from their existing business that they want.

The full guide can be downloaded from below: 


What follows is just a brief synopsis of that the full guide…

I started out with the goal of covering just the basics and fundamentals of affiliate marketing and digital network marketing lead generation fundamentals.

What I have included in my 6 Figure Affiliate™; Affiliate Marketing “Quick-Start” Guide and Checklist are just those key and foundational elements I believe you need as a new affiliate marketer to build a robust affiliate marketing business online.

I also go into detail on those same tools and techniques I use every day in my own affiliate marketing business.

Honestly, I think even veteran affiliate marketers may also get some benefit from reading the Guide.

The Guide is a fairly short read and laid out very simply for the reader’s ease in following the key steps.

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3.
Do this, now do that…

And if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing, I highly suggest you jump into my FREE 5 Day Affiliate Challenge and Workshop where I can guide you and more closely support you while we build your online business over the 5-day period.

You can sign up for that 5-Day Challenge and Workshop at the same link above.

My #1 mission is to help you and other fellow affiliate marketers achieve your desired success in your affiliate marketing business as quickly as possible by helping you to short-cut the learning curve of online digital marketing.

Making money online through affiliate marketing, or network marketing can be simple.

That's not to say it's "easy", but the business model can be very simple if you keep it that way.

What I find is, the number one mistake made by new affiliate marketers is that they over-complicate the business model and they get stuck in the endless cycle of "Shiny Object Syndrome."

They believe they need the next "_____ fill in the blank" to be successful.

In reality, you only need 4 fundamental and foundational elements to succeed online.

1) Primary Offer (Product) – What are you selling?
2) Email Autoresponder – For lead and customer follow up
3) Webpage (funnel) Builder – to build lead capture pages
4) TRAFFIC – Leads – (customers)

Achieving Success In Affiliate Marketing

As an independent affiliate and digital marketer, you can build your business any way you wish; it's YOUR business and you're in charge!

If you'd like to see how I achieve success in my business and how other successful digital marketers achieve success in their business, then please keep reading the next few pages and I'll let you in on a few "insider secrets".

The reality is; all you really need to do is to get eyeballs/visitors to an online lead capture page (or bridge page), and then over to a main sales page. THAT'S IT!

At least academically speaking anyway. A certain number of visitors WILL convert. The challenge is in increasing the conversion %.

Let the sales page do what sales pages do. If the copy is well written, it will convert a certain percentage of 1st-time visitors into buyers, albeit probably a low % of 1st-time visitors.

Then let your lead capture page or bridge page do what it does. It captures the email address, name, phone number, or whatever; in exchange for something you give them for free (called a lead magnet - like my FREE report), which now enables you to follow up with those website visitors.

This enables you to continue to build a relationship with those visitors and ultimately, hopefully enable you to convert them into paying and loyal customers by providing value.

The follow up is key; because only a very small percentage (maybe 1-2%) of people will buy on the first impression.
It's important to remember that people buy from people that they believe they Know, Like and Trust.

Through your continued follow up with the people who viewed your offer, you slowly start to build that Know, Like, and Trust Factor.

Fundamental Elements to Affiliate Marketing

Stay focused, be consistent, don't over complicate the process, don't get stuck in the shiny object syndrome, and trust the process and you WILL achieve success!

What I've seen in my own business and in the businesses of those I follow is that we create duplicatable "systems and processes" which allows us to focus on other areas of our business, like giving value to others, and generating useful content and building relationships.

One fallacy (or fantasy) of the affiliate marketing world is that you can just throw up a webpage, publish a few social media posts and money will magically fall from the sky; as if you found that one "Push Button Insider Secret" that we all know and you don't.

Here's a little "Secret" - Push Button Profits doesn't exist; PERIOD! Get Over It.

The Business Only Works if YOU Work the Business.

And One More Rule to Memorize:

There is no PERFECT or "BEST" _____________ (fill in the blank).

Every tool, process, affiliate program has its pros and cons and YOU need to determine which one is best suited for you and your business, based on your budget, your knowledge and capabilities, etc.

A comprehensive product review is beyond the scope of this short post; but what I will share with you in my full report you can download here:


are all the primary tools that I use every day in my own online affiliate marketing business.

So, there is no "best" anything. The "best" tool, affiliate program, etc. is the one you're most comfortable working in.

For me, it's the tools I mention in my report and Legendary Marketer.

So What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing?

I go into exactly what Affiliate Marketing is and Exactly How You Can Make Money in Affiliate Marketing in my 6 Figure Affiliate™; Affiliate Marketing “Quick-Start” Guide and Checklist.

Download it FREE Here:

“With Power Lead System, you can create an unlimited number of lead capture pages, drag and drop sales pages, complete sales funnels, PLUS, you can build once, and share your pages and funnels across your team of affiliates or fellow network marketers. It’s one of the best funnel building platforms I’ve ever used.”

I hope you found today’s post useful and keep coming back for more daily Affiliate Marketing Success Tips & Tricks and Videos.

? Cheers;
Thomas A. Hall
The 6 Figure Affiliate
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