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Day 1 – Affiliate Marketing 5-Day Challenge

Lesson 1 Chapter 1 Module 1

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Day 1

Welcome, and thank you for joining me. Together we will take your first step in building your online affiliate marketing business.

Over the next few days, we’re going to lay the foundation of what’s needed, and only what’s needed (no fluff) to be successful in online affiliate marketing today.

Before we jump right into today’s content, let me make a suggestion if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing or not quite sure about this whole internet marketing business:

Over this 5-Day Challenge, we'll be covering things like:

  • Online Affiliate Marketing – Like the Amazon Associates Program.


  • Internet Marketing Methods – like content marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing.

I want to make sure I set you up for success the right way so if you’re new to either of the topics above, or you think a refresher might be a good idea, then take a quick hour for each of the above and jump into my Affiliate Marketing and Internet Marketing Methods Basics courses.

They’re absolutely free and give you a good baseline foundation that we can build upon during our 5 Day Challenge.

OK, now with those out of our way,

Let’s Jump Right In!

Over the next few days we’re going to be building the foundation of your online business together. (go as fast or slow as you’d like – this isn’t a race).

We’ll be leveraging the very same systems and programs I use in my own affiliate marketing business every day so I’m not going to be sending you off on some path I wouldn’t take myself.

If at any point you have questions; just look at what I’m doing in my own affiliate marketing business and do what I do, or you can always reach out to me via email or FB and ask questions. And as always, I am here to help and guide you every step of the way.

I like to think of this Affiliate Marketing Business and List-Building 5 Day Challenge as Affiliate Marketing 101 – the foundational building blocks of a successful online business.

After this “Affiliate Marketing 101 "5-Day Challenge", the doors are wide open to what’s next:

  1. Affiliate Marketing 201 – Content Marketing
  2. Affiliate Marketing 301 – Launch Jacking
  3. Affiliate Marketing 401 – Product Creation
  4. Affiliate Marketing 501 – High Ticket Coaching, Consulting

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves – Back to our Day 1 tasks:

The Problem:

Why Do Most of New Affiliate Marketers Fail to Consistently Make Money Online?

I get a lot of comments from new affiliate marketers that just seem to continue to struggle to make any "significant" income online. In fact, the reality is that the vast majority of affiliate marketers make less than $100 online per month.

But I'm going to help you to beat those odds in your online affiliate business by getting you set up the right way.

The Solution:

The solution to the problem is simpler than you may think.

It's about staying "focused" and keeping affiliate marketing simple.

We're not going to jump around from one affiliate program to the next and we're NOT going to give up BEFORE we reach our goals!

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  • A is for Amount, which shows you how to raise the average dollar amount per transaction with your customers!
  • B is for Branding, where you’ll discover the three quick steps to developing and building a profitable brand!
  • C is for Content, and you’ll find out how to use content to boost your traffic, build relationships, and bolster conversions!
  • D is for Design, because presentation is just as important as information – and that’s why you’ll want to check out these three keys for making a great first impression!
  • E is for Email, where you’ll discover how to Capture, Captivate and Convert subscribers to create a profitable list!
  • F is for Freelancer, where you’ll discover how to boost your profits by outsourcing common business tasks!
  • G is for Growth, and you’ll discover how to boost your profits using consistent steps for getting more traffic, growing your list and generating more sales!
  • H is for Habits, where you’ll find out the three-step “Plan-Prepare-Produce” system for getting more done in less time!
  • I is for Ideas, where you’ll find out how to generate, validate and implement profitable business ideas!
  • J is for Jump Start, which is all about jump starting your sales with coupons, contests, and case studies!
  • K is for Keys, where you’ll find out how Platform, Position and Perception will help you build a loyal tribe!
  • L is for Lead Magnet, where you’ll get a simple 3-step process for creating highly profitable lead magnets!
  • M is for Monetization, because there’s no point in building platforms if you’re not monetizing them. This cheat sheet shows you how!
  • N is for Naming Products, because your title can make or break a product’s success. And this cheat sheet gives you the three keys to creating effective names!
  • O is for Offer, where you’ll discover how to create a perfect, profitable offer!
  • P is for Product Creation, where you’ll get the three steps for creating high-quality, profitable products that your customers will love!
  • Q is for Quality, which is why this cheat sheet shows you how to proof, polish and package your way to a good reputation for creating high-quality content and offers!
  • R is for Research, because the first step to creating a new product is to make sure it’s something your audience really wants. This cheat sheet shows you how to do it!
  • S is for Social Media, where you’ll find out a three-step method for creating a more effective social media strategy!
  • T is for Targeting, because trying to appeal to everyone is a recipe for disaster. This cheat sheet shows you how to put the right offer in front of the right audience!
  • U is for USP, and this cheat sheet reveals the three questions you need to ask in order to create a USP that tells your prospects why they should do business with you!
  • V is for Video, and inside this cheat sheet you’ll find out the three keys (Function, Format, and Forward) for developing highly effective videos!
  • W is for Word-of-Mouth Advertising, and here you’ll discover the secrets of generating warm, responsive leads with viral marketing!
  • X is for X-Ray, which is all about getting inside your prospect’s head so you can create content and offers that really speak to them!
  • Y is for You, and here you’ll discover the What, Where and When of telling your story to build credibility, grow relationships and generate sales!
  • Z is for Zero, which will show you how to start from zero and build a new stream of income!

Let’s Begin:

Day 1 Assignments

Step 1 - My Contact Information

Your 1st action item is to ensure you’re “plugged” into all of my content and that you know how to reach out to me if needed:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 626-790-9221
FB -
Our Private FB Group:

Step 2 - Make Sure You Subscribe to my List

Your 2nd step is to ensure you’re “plugged” into my content because that's where I deliver a ton of training.

Subscribe via the link below or just click on the blue button

Subscribe Here:

Step 3 - Join our Private Facebook Group

Join our exclusive private Facebook Group below:
I cover a LOT more content in the group and we’re a great online community that you can lean on if needed for additional support. I also share some other “tactics” in the private group that I can’t quite share on my public blog so you’ll definitely want to be part of our private community for special content access.

Click and Join below then come back here for your next assignment:

Our Private FB Group:

Don't forget to introduce yourself once you join the group!

Step 4 - Get in touch with me via Text

Text 100K to 90407

This will ensure you receive my private and exclusive messages and offers I only send to my text subscribers.

Step 5 - Subscribe and Like YouTube Channel

I would REALLY appreciate it if you would Subscribe and Like my YouTube Channel. It really goes a long way in supporting me and enabling me to continue to create more free content like this.

My YouTube channel will also have key content and live session replays to help you in your affiliate marketing business.

I use the following primary content platforms to deliver my training:

My website -
YouTube -
Email – Please Whitelist [email protected]
Private Facebook Group -

You’ll want to make sure you’re fully connected to all 4 platforms to make sure you receive all my training and content support.

Step 6 - Whoo hoo – let’s select your “Primary Offer”... Now We’re Rollin…

OK – in Day 1 we set you up to make sure you’re fully connected to me and my content so that I can be sure I am able to support you in the best way possible.

Now – let’s move on and wrap up the day with what is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT step of all.

We need to select your “Primary Offer” or “Product” you want to sell.

Now you’ll hear a ton of affiliate marketers say you need to FIRST select a niche, then select an offer, blah blah blah…

Now don’t get me wrong, to a point they’re correct, and truthfully speaking that is what I did.

But I’m here to help you short-cut some things so we can get you up and running in your own online affiliate marketing business in lightning-fast time; while still doing things the “right” way.

So… here’s your first “fork” in the road.

There are 3 primary - large profitable “niches”.

They are:

  1. The Wealth, or Make Money Online (MMO) niche.
  2. Health
  3. Relationships

I chose the wealth and make money online (MMO) niche and that is what I recommend you do for this challenge.


If you absolutely have a passion for one of the others and want to go that route – TOTALLY FINE – we can do that. I can help you set up all the core marketing tools you’ll need to succeed in those niches BUT I can’t help you find a product because I’m not familiar with those niches.

One way to find an alternative product is to simply go to and search for what you might want to sell. Clickbank has 1000's of products you can be an affiliate for. Then just sign up on that site as an affiliate.

What I recommend you do if you want to go the Health or Relationship niche route, or any other niche like “dog training” for that matter, is to find and select your product, THEN return here and we set up the rest of your online business.

Back to Day 1 Assignments – Select and Set up Your Primary “Offer”

This is the 1st of the 4 Core Pillars we’ll need to set up over the next few days:

If you recall from your Quick-Start Guide and Checklist; those 4 Key Pillars were:

  1. Primary Offer (Product)
  2. Email Autoresponder
  3. Webpage (funnel) Builder
  4. TRAFFIC - Leads

OK – I’ll assume you’re still with me and have either chosen your preferred product to sell OR you’re going to copy what I’m doing in the MMO niche.

Congrats – most people don’t even make it this far to select their product. Great Job!

For our primary offer and product, we’re going to choose and set up Dave Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer.

Day 1 Assignment Steps Cont.

Step 7 - Sign Up for Legendary Marketer

Click on the link below and sign up for the Legendary Marketer’s 15 Day Business Builder Challenge.

Note* - to be successful - You MUST understand what you’re selling:

Dave’s 15 Day Business Builder Challenge will give you a deep dive into online affiliate marketing that we simply can’t go into here in just a few days.

Plus, you need to actually “use” and “understand” what you’re going to be selling; should be common sense right?

Once you join his 15 Day Business Builder Challenge, you can go through that at your leisure while you focus here on our challenge.

Step 8 - Join the Legendary Marketer's Monthly Marketer's Club in your LM Back Office

Also, to really maximize Legendary Marketer, you’re going to want to join their Online Marketer’s Club AND sign up as an affiliate of course so you can sell the same awesome training you’ll now have access to.

With Legendary's Monthly Marketer's Club, you get brand new top level affiliate training taught by top industry leaders.

There are new classes each month as well as a live training session every Monday exclusive to the Marketer's Club members.

You'll find a link to sign up to the Marketer's Club in your LM back office under Products.

OK – so now on Day 1 – we’re starting to actually do a little work huh… AND yes, this business requires a small investment to move forward.

This is not a “click the button” “get rich quick” game; online affiliate marketing is a REAL business and requires time, work, energy, and yes, a small investment just like I referenced in my 1st blog article that probably brought you here.

If you’re looking for a zero investment, get rich program; please move on, nothing to see here…..

If you’re still here; that shows me you’re serious about investing a small amount of time and money for the chance to build a substantial; maybe even life-changing online business for you and your family.

Let's keep going....

Affiliate Marketing 5 Day Challenge Day 1 Legendary Marketer

Step 9 - Sign Up as an Affiliate for Legendary Marketer In Your LM Back Office

Next, you'll want to also sign up as an affiliate of Legendary Marketer so you can sell the same awesome training you’ll now have access to yourself.

You can sign up as an affiliate in your LM back office.

Not everyone is approved; but I have faith in you.

Legendary Marketer is very strict in keeping their online marketing education separate from their affiliate program to ensure they comply with all federal guidelines. That's another reason why I really love promoting and using Legendary Marketer as my primary affiliate offer.


Legendary Marketer

97% Overall

For Anyone Who Wants To Start A Profitable Online Business But Doesn’t Know Where To Begin. Legendary Marketer is by far my highest recommended affiliate program to promote:

Get Your Business Set-Up And Ready For Your First High-Ticket Customer In Just 15 Days!


Background – So why Dave Sharpe and why Legendary Marketer out of the 1000’s of other affiliate programs out there that we could promote as a “primary offer”?

Here are a few reasons why I CHOSE Dave and Legendary Marketer:

  • Dave is a stand-up; “real” person of integrity with a real story and who has built a $200M+ online marketing empire over the past 20 years. When someone who has built a $200M+ online business speaks; I LISTEN; it’s that simple. I learned a long time ago that if I want to do something; find someone who has already done it and do what they do!
  • Legendary Marketer has a broad range of products ranging from low to mid to high ticket products which is EXACTLY what we want.
  • Their online marketing training is Top Notch above everything else I’ve been through.
  • Their company is 100% compliant and they teach affiliate compliance when it comes to online marketing so they’re not some shady pyramid company that will be gone next month. They’re here for the long-term success of their affiliates.
  • Their in-house sales team helps close high ticket sales for YOU.
  • Their Marketer’s Club is second to none and offers some of the best online marketing training around. I love their daily “Wake Up Live” sessions and their weekly and monthly live sessions. Their Legendary Team is here to support you in your businesses.
  • Their online funnels are superb; they convert, the copyrighting is excellent, and their presentation is extremely professional.
  • Legendary Marketer gives you all the marketing assets you’ll need to successfully sell LM as an affiliate including a comprehensive email follow up series which we’ll load into our email autoresponder tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a big day so make sure you’re still following along……

OK, let's recap our key action items for today to select your primary offer:

Step 1 - Sign Up For Legendary Marketer

Click on the link below and sign up for Legendary's 15 Day Business Builder Challenge which will give you immediate access to more great online marketing content.

Step 2 - Sign Up For Legendary's Monthly Marketers Club in Your LM back Office

Join Legendary’s Monthly Marketer's Club so you get access to more awesome online marketing content and their monthly live coaching sessions. You can join the Marketer’s Club from your Legendary Marketer Back Office once you sign up above.

Step 3 - Sign Up as an Affiliate for Legendary Marketer In Your LM Back Office

Sign up as an affiliate for Legendary Marketer from your LM back office.

One Last Thing....


Wow - you've made it to the end of Day 1 - CONGRATULATIONS!

You're definitely on your way and I can't wait to see you cross our 5-Day Challenge finish line.

Just one last thing before we wrap for the day:

  1. After your experience today; what are the top 2 things you'd like to get out of this challenge?
  2. What do think your 2 main challenges are when it comes to affiliate marketing?
As a Day 1 Graduation Gift and a personal thank you for completing all of the day's action steps; once I receive your email, I’ll reply back with a $100 Hotel Voucher just for completing all the Day 1 activities. The $100 hotel vouchers are as good as cash and redeemable at over 1 million hotel locations worldwide!
Wait till you see what I have planned for a Day 5 Graduation Gift - one word - WOW!
Affiliate marketing 5 day challenge 100 dollar hotel card

AtoZ Internet Marketing Cheat Sheets

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OK – that’s a wrap for today – we covered quite a bit AND you should be set up with the 1st of your 4 Key Pillars for Success – Your “Primary Offer” or Product; Legendary Marketer.

See you back here tomorrow where we’ll set up your email autoresponder so you can follow up with the leads and prospects you're going to get over the next few days.

Till tomorrow and to Your Success;


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