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Day 3 – Affiliate Marketing 5-Day Challenge

Lesson 3 Chapter 1 Module 1

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Day 3

Hey friend and fellow marketer; welcome to day 3 of your 5-day affiliate marketing “business and list builder” challenge.

The Problem:

Why Do Most of New Affiliate Marketers Fail to Consistently Make Money Online?

I get a lot of comments from new affiliate marketers that just seem to continue to struggle to make any "significant" income online. In fact, the reality is that the vast majority of affiliate marketers make less than $100 online per month.

But I'm going to help you to beat those odds in your online affiliate business by getting you set up the right way.

The Solution:

The solution to the problem is simpler than you may think.

It's about staying "focused" and keeping affiliate marketing simple.

We're not going to jump around from one affiliate program to the next and we're NOT going to give up BEFORE we reach our goals!

Before we jump into your day 3 content, let’s recap the last couple days and make sure we didn’t miss anything because today will be a busy day.

On Day 1:

  • We made sure you were fully connected and you were “plugged” into all my communications channels like my private and exclusive Facebook Group where you’ll find a helpful community of aspiring affiliate marketers just like you.
  • We also made sure you got subscribed to my email list because a lot of my email marketing educational content comes directly from modeling the emails and content I send out to my own subscribers.
  • Lastly, and more importantly we set up your primary affiliate offer; which if you followed what I’m doing, you chose to go with Dave Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer. Note* - you’ll need your Legendary Marketer affiliate link today. If you didn’t sign up to Legendary yet; do so now and click below; You’ll need your affiliate link to complete today’s activities.
  • Plus, if you sent me that email I asked for you should have also received your free $100 hotel cash voucher good at over 1M hotel locations across the globe.

On Day 2:

  • Day 2 was all about your autoresponder and getting that set up to deliver your email messages to your prospective subscriber list that we’ll begin building tomorrow.
  • If you haven’t set up your autoresponder yet; Click here to set up GetResponse; the same Autoresponder I use.

  1. After your experience today; what are the top 2 things you'd like to get out of this challenge?
  2. What do think your 2 main challenges are when it comes to affiliate marketing?

OK – ready for Day 3; let’s jump right in.

Today, we’re going to be setting up your page builder or funnel builder.

Now there are dozens of funnel and page builders out there and I use a few of them for different purposes.

They’re all fairly similar and most provide great drag and drop page builder functionality.

Which page builder or funnel builder you use really just comes down to what you’re comfortable with and the cost of each of those.

I recommend you use the same system I use as my main funnel builder which is Power Lead System, and it has a 7-day free trial so you can test it out for yourself. Click on the button below or you can jump right into it here:

Another reason to use Power Lead System is because I can easily share my funnels with you via a share-code and all you need to do is import the funnel into your PLS back office and change the text and background to suit your needs and your message.

Also, the Gold level membership which is what you need in order to be able to import in my funnel share-codes; is 1/3 of the cost of some of the other major funnel builders out there and you can create unlimited funnels and web pages with Power Lead System.

Day 3 Assignments

Step 1 - Think of a domain name you're going to use

In order to get set up with Power Lead System all you need is a domain name.

I have several domain names through PLS, but one of my domain names I use for my primary lead capture page is:

Think of a domain name that makes sense for your niche and customers.

Note* - I highly recommend you purchase your domain through Power Lead System BUT, if you already have a domain name you can import it in; it will just take a few extra steps.

Now I know you can go to places like and get a domain name for a few dollars; but again, the way Power Lead System is set up; it is MUCH easier if you just sign up through them and order your domain through their built-in system. Yes, I know it’s a few dollars more; don’t go cheap on this, trust me or you may have difficulties getting your domain transferred into PLS and that will only delay getting your funnel set up. Other major funnel systems works same way.

OK; with that; proceed to Step 2 and just click on the button below to sign up to Power Lead System and upgrade to PLS Gold Level so you can copy in my funnels; just have a domain name in mind that you want to use and I’ll meet you back here when you’re done.

Step 2 - Sign Up for Power Lead System - Funnel Page Builder

Sign up for your free trial below.

Also; don’t worry if you can’t think of the prefect domain right now; you just need something easy to remember and something that represents your niche.

You can always add additional domains later.

I personally have about 4-5 different domains through PLS; it’s super easy to set up and I use them for different branded funnels.

OK – go ahead and click the button below and set up your funnel builder with PLS.

Step 3 - Let's Set Up Your 1st Funnel Using PLS

OK, you’re back – GREAT – let’s go ahead and get your funnel set up through PLS.

It may take as long as 24 hours for your new domain to come up depending on the region you’re located in and the time it takes for the domain name to propagate across the internet.

If it’s been over 24 hours and you’re not able to see anything when you type in into your internet browser, send me an email.

For the purposes here, I’ll assume you set everything up correctly with your new domain name inside of Power Lead System.

Action* - Go into your PLS back office located at

Just follow my step-by-step instructions and video below to set up your 1st lead capture page and funnel.

You’re going to be importing one of my share-coded lead capture pages to create your 1st PLS funnel so I've already done 99% of the work for you.


  • Once you’re logged into your PLS back office at:, Just click on Websites: “My Sharing Codes” Enter 867530-legendlcp into the input field and click Submit. (See Screen shot below)

  • OK, that should have imported a lead capture page template into your web pages.


  1. Now click on Websites: “My Webpages”
  2. Scroll down under Shared WebPages.
  3. You should see the page you just copied over.
  4. You can Test Link, Assign, or Copy each page.


  • For our purposes, you want to “Copy” the webpage to make a copy of it so you can edit the copy. You can’t edit the original. You have to make a copy, which is a lot safer so you don’t mess up the original.

  • If you want to view the webpage, just click on Test Link.

  • Once you have the correct webpage you want to edit; just click Copy.

  • PLS will make a copy of that webpage and then you’ll see it in the list of Your Webpages.
affiliate marketing 5 day challenge shared lcp 2

The Lead Capture Page that you copied over via my Share-Code should look like the screenshot below.

affiliate marketing 5 day challenge shared lcp 1

From here, we’re going to make a couple edits so the lead capture page you just imported is set up for you and not me, because the original page may have my autoresponder code in it and you don’t want that.

If you get stuck or lost or something doesn’t look right; don’t worry.

Just back up to the last couple steps and retry where you left off.

Note* - You can’t break anything; PLS is bulletproof which is another reason why I like PLS.

If you’re totally lost and don’t know what to do next; just reach out to me and I’ll step you through the process to get your funnel set up.

Just to do a quick recap so far.

  1. You should have set up your PLS free trial account with your domain and you need to upgrade to at least Gold Level.
  2. You should have entered in the share-code (867530-legendlcp) I gave you and made a copy of the webpage you imported.

Now let’s make some quick edits to the webpage;

Note* - If you’re completely new to affiliate marketing; I recommend you just leave the webpage wording and design alone and just change your autoresponder link and the link that points to your Legendary Marketer affiliate page; more on that in a minute.

You can make cosmetic and textual changes later.

Step 4 - Edit Your Lead Capture Page Cont.

Click on Websites: “My Webpages”.
Find the webpage you just copied and click Edit.

Reference screenshots and video below:

  1. Under the Step 1 Section on this page: You can change the title to whatever makes sense for you.
  2. Under the Step 2 Section on the page: Click the middle option to “Choose a Domain you already have” and select your domain that you set up through PLS.
  3. Under the Step 3 Section: Make sure Add Opt-in to Power Lead System Contact Manager is selected.
  4. ALSO – click the option to add Opt-in to Get response and choose your campaign name or list name.
  5. Please note* - Clicking on “Add Optin to GetResponse…” may deselect your first option; so re-check the checkbox to add your Opt-In to Power Lead System Contact Manager again.
  6. On the Step 4 Section: Change this to your Legendary Marketer affiliate link. This is so once someone fills out your lea capture page successfully, they get forwarded on to YOUR Legendary Marketer affiliate link OR whatever other affiliate offer you’re promoting.
  7. To see a live example of this just click on and put in your email address. This is one of my primary lead capture pages.
  8. Under the Step 5 Section - Search Engine Optimization you can put in any description and key words that make sense for your niche, like “make money online, home business, etc.”

Before you click the green button to Save Changes to WebPage; check below and make sure your page looks similar to mine.

Affiliate marketing 5 day challenge PLS webpage 1

9. Click the green button to Save Changes to WebPage.       

Step 5 - Save Changes to Webpage

  1. On the next page, just click the green Submit button to leave the background as is.
  2. You can change backgrounds later once you get a little more familiar with PLS.
  3. On the next page; again, just click the Green Button to Save Changes and Move to the Next Page.
  4. This will save your webpage settings.
  5. If you want to change the text, you can always just step through the same 3 steps above and then just change whatever webpage wording you want for your business.
  6. Once you click the Green Button to Save Changes and Move to the Next Page, you should be presented a screen to either View your new webpage or Edit your webpage again.
  7. To View your page; just click on View your WebPage.
Affiliate marketing 5 day challenge PLS webpage 2
Affiliate marketing 5 day challenge PLS webpage 3
Affiliate marketing 5 day challenge PLS webpage 4
  • That’s it – your 1st lead capture page should be set up on your primary domain now.
  • It should look like the screenshot below:
  • If you want to see a live version of this from my share-coded page just type in:
affiliate marketing 5 day challenge shared lcp 1

Step 6 - View Changes to Your Lead Capture

If you type in you should see your new lead capture page.

Now, if you fill out your lead capture page with a name and valid email; a couple things should happen:

  1. If you fill out your lead capture page; you should be redirected to the Legendary Marketer Sales Page through YOUR affiliate link.
  2. You should see the name and email you used populate your contacts in PLS. Just click on Contacts: Contact Manager inside of your PLS back office to see all your contacts. See screenshot below.
  3. Lastly, the same contact information should ALSO populate inside your GetResponse list that you selected.

  • Bonus Tip - Once someone fills out your lead capture page Power Lead System will send you an automated text message so you never miss a lead. You should also receive your 1st Welcome Message via email from GetResponse.
  • Take a look at the image below of my phone screenshot to see an example.
Affiliate Marketing 5 day challenge cell phone notification1

Now you may be asking yourself; why do I need GetResponse and a duplicate contact manager inside PLS?

The first reason you want to have your own autoresponder is because this puts YOU in control of your contacts.

The reality is that businesses do come and go; and although PLS has been around for over a decade, you want to make sure your contacts are protected and that you can access them in multiple ways and that you have back ups of these lists because your email list is GOLD.

Also, although PLS is a great contact management system; it doesn’t quite have all the automation and functionality that GetResponse has as a full-featured autoresponder.

You may not need all that functionality today; but you will soon as I start showing you more things you can do with your autoresponder.


Over the last 3 days;

  1. You have set up your primary offer and product including low and high ticket offers through Legendary Marketer.
  2. You have set up your autoresponder through GetResponse.
  3. AND You have built a brand-new lead capture page and sales funnel using PLS and connected all three together. Simple right…….

Take a look at the image below; that’s basically the funnel you set up.

Affiliate Marketing 5-Day Challenge sample funnel

Now – let’s get TRAFFIC and maybe even some sales.

Don’t get too anxious about the sales right now though.

Honestly, very few (less than 1% sometimes) of people buy an offer the 1st time they see it. On average it takes 7-10 exposures to an offer before someone buys.

Which is EXACTLY WHY you need that autoresponder; so you can follow up with the people that filled out your lead capture form. It’s all about capturing leads and generating future sales.

For right now, let’s just focus on getting traffic into your lead capture page.

Which brings me to my next point.

For those that have followed my content, you know I like to keep affiliate marketing simple.
Don’t over complicate affiliate marketing. It’s not easy, but the business model IS simple.

You just completed the set-up of 3 of the ONLY 4 things every affiliate marketer needs to succeed online:

  1. Your Primary Offer: Legendary Marketer
  2. Your Autoresponder: GetResponse
  3. Your page builder or funnel builder: Power Lead System
  4. And tomorrow we get TRAFFIC!

That’s it – those are the 4 fundamental elements you need.

The last thing I have for you is ANOTHER FREE GIFT

One Last Thing....


Wow - you've made it to the end of Day 3 - CONGRATULATIONS!

You're definitely on your way and I can't wait to see you cross our 5-Day Challenge finish line.

Just one last thing before we wrap for the day:

  1. After your experience today; what are the top 2 things you'd like to get out of this challenge?
  2. What do think your 2 main challenges are when it comes to affiliate marketing?
As a Day 3 Completion Gift and a personal thank you for completing all of the day's action steps; once I receive your email, I’ll reply back with another $100 Hotel Voucher just for completing all the Day 1 activities. The $100 hotel vouchers are as good as cash and redeemable at over 1 million hotel locations worldwide!
Wait till you see what I have planned for a Day 5 Graduation Gift - one word - WOW!
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So let’s wrap for today.
Congratulations again on another successful day and I will see you on Day 4.

Till tomorrow and to your Success;


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