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Day 5 – Affiliate Marketing 5-Day Challenge

Lesson 5 Chapter 1 Module 1

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Day 5

Hey friend and fellow marketer; welcome to day 5 and the last day of your 5-day affiliate marketing business and list builder challenge. You’ve made it to the last day – congrats!

Today will be mostly follow up and decision day, but more on that in a minute…

Right now, let’s just very quickly recap the last 4 days to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

On Day 1:

  • We made sure you were fully connected and you were “plugged” into all my communications channels like my private and exclusive Facebook Group where you’ll find a helpful community of aspiring affiliate marketers just like you.
  • We also made sure you got subscribed to my email list because a lot of my email marketing educational content comes directly from modeling the emails and content I send out to my own subscribers.
  • Lastly, and more importantly we set up your primary affiliate offer; which if you followed what I’m doing, you chose to go with Dave Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer. Note* - you’ll need your Legendary Marketer affiliate link today. If you didn’t sign up to Legendary yet; do so now and click below; You’ll need your affiliate link to complete today’s activities.
  • Plus, if you sent me that email I asked for you should have also received your free $100 hotel cash voucher good at over 1M hotel locations across the globe.

On Day 2:

  • Day 2 was all about your autoresponder and getting that set up to deliver your email messages to your prospective subscriber list that we’ll begin building tomorrow.
  • If you haven’t set up your autoresponder yet; Click here to set up GetResponse; the same Autoresponder I use.

On Day 3:

  • On Day 3 we set up your page and funnel builder with a free trial to Power Lead System. If you haven’t signed up for your free trial yet, click here: to sign up.
  • After you completed all your Day 3 activities and set up your free trial to PLS, you should have also emailed me and received ANOTHER free $100 hotel cash voucher good at over 1M hotel locations across the globe.

On Day 4:

  • On day 4 you should have ordered “instant traffic” to your lead capture page via solo ads which are a perfect way to test new funnels with paid traffic.
  • If you haven’t ordered your traffic yet, do that here:

  1. After your experience today; what are the top 2 things you'd like to get out of this challenge?
  2. What do think your 2 main challenges are when it comes to affiliate marketing?

OK – ready for Day 5; let’s jump right in.

OK, if you ordered traffic yesterday, it is possible that your order is still processing. Sometimes it takes a day or two to process the orders and you should receive a tracking link once your order is ready.

So, if your solo ad traffic order is still processing, just come back here once you start seeing leads come in or you receive your tracking link from the solo ad vender.

Like I said yesterday, you should receive a notification once traffic begins to flow to your website. You’ll also receive an email from Power Lead System when someone fills out your lead capture form so you’ll know when traffic starts flowing through your webpage.

Once you start receiving leads through your lead capture page; day 5 is really about getting to know your new online tools a bit better and to load a few more messages into your GetResponse autoresponder.

So, take a little time and start getting to know the tools you’ll be using to build your online business:

  1. Your primary offer – Legendary Marketer: Start reading through their 15-day business builder. You’ll definitely want to consider ordering their Business Blueprints because they’ll save you months of pain of trial and error and help you to get your business set up online for success even faster.
  2. Your Autoresponder – GetResponse. Begin to dive into your autoresponder. GetResponse is a powerful marketing tool that offers a tremendous amount of functionality. Don’t worry – you’re not going to break anything and they have 24/7 chat support.
  3. Your funnel/webpage builder – Power Lead System. Make sure you’ve upgraded to at least Gold Membership so you can import in the funnel share-codes I give you. Take a little time and jump into the training area. There is a ton of content in there to help you get your funnels and lead capture pages set up super fast. Plus we have an awesome, and helpful community in the PLS Facebook Group. Just ask any questions in there and if you’re totally lost, reach out to me or tag me in your question.
  4. Traffic – Solo Ads – Remember before, I said traffic is the lifeblood of your business. Without traffic, you can’t make money. You’ll want to make sure you set aside a small budget every month for solo ads for at least 6-12 months until you start building “free organic” traffic. Even if you can only set aside $25, $50 every month for traffic, you need to do that to ensure you have a constant flow of new leads coming in. Just bookmark

OK, now that leads are starting to flow through your lead capture page; you should see your contacts in the Contacts Section of Power Lead System; see screenshot below.

Affiliate marketing 5 day challenge PLS contacts 1

Now let’s add a few more messages into your autoresponder.

If you log into Legendary Marketer and click on Affiliates in the top nav; LM gives you an entire email sales sequence to load into GetResponse.

Just log into your Legendary back office:

  1. Click on Affiliates on the top nav bar
  2. On the right side of the screen under Course Resources; Click on #6; Legendary Email Follow Up Sequence.
  3. This should open a Google Doc where you can save a copy or print out or copy/paste the emails.
  4. Just take the 1st few emails, one at a time and create a new email autoresponder message for each email just like you did on Day 2.

Just take it slow and load one at a time and you just have to make sure you increment the day to send by 1 each time you load an email – see image below:

I did 5 per day myself over the period of about a week. You don’t need to load all these in one day. Take your time.

For example:
When someone signs up to your autoresponder list, you’ll send your emails out like below:

  • Send email #1 on Day 6
  • Send email #2 on Day 7
  • Send email #3 on Day 8
  • Send email #4 on Day 9
  • Send email #5 on Day 10
  • And so on….
Affiliate marketing 5 day challenge Autoresponder day

Legendary gives you about 40+ emails you can simply copy/paste into your autoresponder which is really awesome.

Those messages alone are worth the price of LM because I HATE having to write emails every day….  Legendary Marketer does it for you.

*Pro Tip - I recommend you edit the emails a bit, so they sound more like you and your wording. You don’t want to just do a direct copy/paste.

Over the next few days, you should continue to see more leads popping into your Power Lead System back office AND inside your GetResponse autoresponder.

*Motivational Tip - Here is something I do – it gives me a little “motivational kick”, so I have my Power Lead System send me a text message every time I get a new lead.

  1. You can also do this by clicking on Contacts on the top nav of your PLS back office.
  2. Next Click on Cell Phone Notifications. And fill out Steps 1-3 on that page.
  3. Click Submit on that page and you’ll now receive a text notification for every new lead you get. It’s awesome – I love PLS…. It’s WAY more than just a funnel/page builder.

Now that we’ve wrapped the key Day 5 activities, I have some “special gifts” for you just for completing the Challenge tasks thus far.

As a special bonus and thank you for deciding to join me in at least one of the 4 essential affiliate marketing programs in this Challenge; like Legendary Marketer, or GetResponse, or Power Lead System, or Solo Ad traffic I’d like to give you ANOTHER free $100 hotel cash voucher good at over 1M hotel locations across the globe.

That makes a total of THREE $100 hotel cash vouchers you should have received so far.

  • One for completing your Day 1 activities
  • One for completing your Day 3 activities
  • One for completing your Day 5 activities
Affiliate marketing 5 day challenge 100 dollar hotel card


If you’ve completed ALL of the daily tasks within this 5-Day Online Business Builder Challenge and you’ve decided to join my team so we can work together, I have a SPECIAL 5-Day Challenge “Graduation Bonus” Just for You.

If you’ve signed up to promote Legendary Marketer, and set up your trial accounts with GetResponse, Power Lead System, and you’re running traffic to your new lead capture page like I showed you, just send me an email that says the following in the subject line:

Subject: “5-Day Challenge Completed!”

Just click the button below to send me the email.

Once I receive your email and validate it, I’ll send you a special "graduation bonus" below:

As a special unannounced bonus and "Graduation Gift" for completing all 5-Day Challenge tasks, I’ll send you a certificate for a complimentary 3-5 night hotel vacation package valid at any of the listed locations below and you'll have 24 months to use your voucher from the time of activation. (*locations may change without notice).

This is NOT some timeshare presentation. This is a “real” hotel resort vacation package offered at over 124 locations throughout the world. 

Just watch the video below:

Affiliate marketing 5 day challenge hotel 1
affiliate marketing 5 day challenge hotel 2

Note* - to be eligible to receive a complimentary hotel vacation* package at the location of your choice of the list below: you need to ensure that I am listed as your referring affiliate sponsor for ALL 4 of the key foundational programs listed below. (*some restrictions may apply)

*Tip - You may want to right click the buttons below and open an "incognito" window when you sign up for your trial periods. That will ensure you use my links as the referring affiliate sponsor.

*Action - Just click on the buttons below to set up your trial accounts if you haven’t already done so, then send me that email once completed so I can confirm.

Country Name

Vacation Destinations

Dominican Republic
South Korea
Russian Federation
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States




What’s Next?
OK, so now you have a couple options to begin to expand upon what you’ve started here and continue to build your online business.

  1. The 1st thing I recommend doing is to head on over to this page: and sign up to be notified when I release that course. I’m just putting the final touches on it and it will show you by far the fastest way I know right now to begin making money online either through YouTube (preferred) or your own website. Click here now:
  2. If you would like to join me in a private community of high-ticket affiliate marketers while I put the final touches on my course above, head over to this training webinar while the replay is still up. Jono may decide to pull the replay at any moment so head on over now.

*Pro Tip #1 - If you wouldn’t recommend a tool or program to your best friend; then don’t promote it to your affiliates.

*Pro Tip #2 - Pick a core set of affiliate programs and STICK TO THEM. Don’t jump from one shiny object to the next. That’s a sure path to affiliate failure.

*Bonus Pro Tip - Would you like to be able to multiply your affiliate commissions by offering complimentary hotel and restaurant vouchers AND to be able to offer complimentary hotel vacation packages in YOUR business; just click the button below to sign up for Marketing Boost.

Final note*

As a final personal note, I’d just like to say thank you for spending the last 5 days with me during this challenge.

I know your time is valuable and I hope you found value here in this 5 Day Business Builder and List Building Challenge.

I truly believe the fastest path to affiliate income success is to promote the core evergreen products every online affiliate marketer needs for their online business. I also believe that you should promote the tools that you use each day in your own online business. That’s why I only promote the tools and programs that I believe in and can stand behind and use myself.

If you have any questions at all moving forward in your own business just use the contact information below to reach out to me.

Good luck in your own affiliate marketing business and I hope to see you in my exclusive private Facebook Group, where we have a super helpful community of affiliate marketers just like you.

Special Unannounced Bonus & Pro Tip:

How would you like to be able to give away YOUR OWN lead magnets similar to the quick-start guides and checklists and eReports that I offer on my site here?

As another special bonus for completing Day 5, I'm going to give you a full year of access to some of the best PLR content on the web that you can simply download and edit and put YOUR name as the author and give to your website visitors.

I normally sell this membership for $97/yr. but if you click the button below, I'm giving you the same membership for a 1-time discount price of $17. Yes you read that right - 83% OFF - just for going through and completing my 5-Day Business-Builder Challenge.

5-Day Challenge ALP vertical banner_lg

OK – that’s it – You have officially "Graduated" from our 5-Day Affiliate Marketing Business Builder and List Builder Challenge.


Affiliate marketing 5 day challenge graduation 1

To your Success;


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