How Much Does Legendary Marketer Cost? (Is It Worth It) - Teaching You How To Create Multiple Streams of Income Through Affiliate Marketing
Teaching You How To Create Multiple Streams of Income Through Affiliate Marketing
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How Much Does Legendary Marketer Cost? (Is It Worth It)

So How Much Does Legendary Marketer Cost Exactly and Is It Worth It?

In today’s post I’ll be breaking down the cost of the different online marketing products and programs by Dave Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer. I’ll then close with an overall personal assessment of whether I feel the training is worth the price. If you’d like a more detailed review of Legendary Marketer click here to read my previous post where I do a full review and then offer my opinion on whether Dave Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer is truly legit or not.

Dave and the Legendary Marketer Team are constantly creating new products to meet the growing demand for online marketing education. The table below offers a snapshot in time of the currently available online marketing products and training programs offered through Legendary Marketer.

legendary marketer 1_small

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Legendary Marketer


Ease of Use




Value for the Money



  • Training is comprehensive and covers the key areas of digital marketing.
  • You get access to a highly engaged and supportive Facebook Group
  • Completely “newbie” friendly to get set up
  • Only requires about 1 hour per day


  • The high-ticket products are not cheap, so you really have to be serious and committed to your online business if you decide to pick those up.
  • Similar to other large affiliate programs, your commission % is based on your Basic or Pro level affiliate membership.


Before I go into my opinion about Dave Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer Program, let me take a step back and briefly describe exactly what Legendary Marketer is.

Dave Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer is a comprehensive suite of online marketing education. In addition to their online education, Legendary Marketer, also offers an affiliate program, allowing others to sell the same great online marketing education and receive a commission for any sales that they make.

This creates a great win/win situation for both the affiliate who is able to earn a commission from the sale they made as well as for Dave Sharpe and Legendary Marketing team.

The table below lists the current online marketing training and products offered by Legendary Marketer along with their respective prices. (*please note prices and products may change without notice). Click here to get the latest price of Dave’s Legendary Marketing online training and 15 Day Business Builder Challenge.



“Wake Up Legendary” Daily Lives in FB


15 Second Free Leads

$1.00 (one time)

The Copywriters Playbook

$1.00 (one time)

The Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing eBook

$1.99 (one time)

15 Day Business Builder Challenge

$7.00 (one time)

Attraction Code

$27-$37 (one time)

The Omni Branding Formula

$47-$149 (one time)

Secret Swipe File

$97 (one time)

Legendary Marketers Club


Traffic University

$1,497.00 (one time)

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

$2500.00 (one time)

Digital Products Business Blueprint

$2500.00 (one time)

Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint

$2500.00 (one time)

Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint

$2500.00 (one time)

Legendary Marketer Mastermind

$9400.00 (one time)


Legendary Marketer Affiliate – Basic

Free – earn 10%-30% commissions

Legendary Marketer Affiliate – Pro

$29.95/mo. – earn 30-60% commissions

Some of the products above are offered as a bonus or one-time pricing offers if you upgrade inside your 15 Day Business Builder Challenge. The limited-time pricing offered inside of the Legendary Marketer 15 Day Business Builder Challenge makes picking up some of these training programs at that time a no-brainer in my opinion.

Just make sure you grab them while going through the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge for the best possible price.

As an affiliate, the table below shows how much you’ll earn in commissions for the following items:


As you can see, Legendary Marketer offers a wide selection of low-ticket to high-ticket products within their online marketing education platform. In my opinion, this is a great reason why you should consider Legendary as your primary affiliate offer in your own online marketing.

Wake Up Legendary (Free) - Daily Live events M-F @7am PST.

One cool thing about Dave Sharpe and the Legendary Team is their commitment to their customers and affiliates. Every day, M-F @7am PST, Dave or one of the LM team members goes live inside their Facebook community.

Each day they cover a mindset topic, or a marketing topic, or they may just have a great interview by one of their successful affiliates on what they’re doing to achieve success in their respective business. These live sessions are a great way to stay “plugged in” to what’s going on at LM and to find out the latest on what’s working online right now.

15 Second Free Leads ($1.00 one time)

15 Second Free Leads is a course by Legendary Marketer that shows you how to get free traffic from TikTok via 15 second videos; hence the name, 15 Second Free Leads. The training is super clear and easy to follow and lays out exactly what you need to do to crush it on TikTok. If you’re looking to make your profile really stand out on TikTok, then 15 Second Free Leads at a cost of $1.00 is a no brainer in my opinion.

Here are the main modules inside Legendary Marketer’s 15 Second Free Leads TikTok course:

Module 1: Endless 15-Second Video Topics – In the first part of the course, Jake Thornhill walks you through how to create 100-150 content ideas for TikTok in a matter of minutes. This will help you get organized around your content and keep you on track. In this module he breaks it all down into seven easy to follow steps for you.

Module 2: The Perfect TikTok Profile – In Part 2, Matt Steinman walks you through how to set up the perfect profile for TikTok. He lists a few tips and tricks to help you get started the right way so you can begin to monetize your profile faster.

Module 3: Get TikTok To Share Your Videos – In Part 3, Jonathan Montoya explains how to create videos on TikTok that are easily shareable. This helps you to grow your TikTok following for more exposure. Jonathan also covers his Hashtag Method to help get your videos seen by more potential customers.

Module 4: Post Exactly What People Want – In Part 4, Dom Bavaro lists his strategies on how to post videos that people want to watch. It’s all about posting what people want to watch; exactly as the title implies.

Module 5: Bonus: A Quick & Dirty Guide to TikTok – There’s also a bonus video that walks you through TikTok from start to finish to help get you up and running quickly.

You can get your copy of 15 Second Free Leads from Legendary Marketer right here:


The Copywriters Playbook ($1.00 one time)

If there is a golden nugget to be found inside of the Legendary Marketer online marketing training products, this is definitely one of them. In Dave’s Copywriter’s Playbook, Dave shares some of his all-time best copywriting ideas and campaigns.

You could probably literally copy and paste your way to online marketing success using his marketing copywriting with your own unique personal twist. By using the selling techniques in The Copywriter’s Playbook, you’ll save days, weeks, and potentially $ thousands of dollars in copywriting costs if you had to pay someone else to write your sales letters for you.

With The Copywriter’s Playbook, you’ll be able to take control of your own lead generation to create offers so irresistible your readers will feel “crazy” NOT to buy from you.

“Copywriting is probably the number one skill you need to truly explode your business.”

The best part is Dave is basically GIVING you his Playbook for $1.00.

You can grab your copy of Dave’s Secret Copywriter’s Playbook Here.


The Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing eBook ($1.99 one time)

Dave’s new book, “The Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing”, breaks down how if he lost everything, Dave would start over with an affiliate marketing business that earns high-ticket commissions marketing valuable products people already want to buy.

It’s a “no holds barred”, insider’s look into how to create a high-ticket affiliate business using his “Affiliate Domination Formula” to give you an unfair advantage over other failing affiliates who are still wasting time with solo ads, “socializing” on FB, and just spamming groups with their affiliate links.

You can pick up Dave’s new Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing eBook for the ridiculously low price of $1.99 below. It’s 12 chapters of all business; no fluff, hardcore affiliate marketing tactics to help you rock your online business.

You can grab your copy of Dave’s Secret Copywriter’s Playbook Here.


15 Day Business Builder Challenge ($7.00 one time)

For Anyone Who Wants To Start A Profitable Online Business But Doesn't Know Where To Begin, Dave’s Legendary Marketer 15 Day Business Builder Challenge is definitely the place to start.

Inside the 15 day challenge, you’ll discover how a high school dropout started an online business that earns high-ticket commissions marketing valuable products people already want to buy.

Dave Sharpe has built a $200m online empire in the online marketing education space and it starts with the 15-Day Business Builder Challenge.

Over the course of 15 days, Dave will walk you through the steps to starting your own high-ticket freelance digital marketing business.

What is covered in Dave’s 15 Day Business Builder Challenge:

  • Day 1: The #1 Secret To Starting & Scaling A High-Ticket Business
  • Day 2: The "Core 4" High-Ticket Business Models Online
  • Day 3: Watch Me Build A Business In Under 30 Minutes
  • Day 4: How To Master The Inner-Game of Wealth
  • Day 5: The Big Day - Developing Your Business Plan!
  • Day 6: You Got Questions, and I Got Answers!
  • Day 7: When Should I Quit My Job To Build My Business Full-Time?
  • Day 8: What Are High-Income Skills and Why Do You Need Them?
  • Day 9: High-Income Skill #1 - Lead Generation
  • Day 10: High-Income Skill #2 - Copywriting
  • Day 11: High-Income Skill #3 - Sales and Presenting
  • Day 12: What, When and Where To Outsource
  • Day 13: Using "OPM" To Build Your Business
  • Day 14: 4 Ways To Avoid "Wantrepreneur Syndrome"
  • Day 15: Your First Sale and the Journey Of Your Success

Dave covers everything you’ve been missing and that has kept you from getting the results you’ve been seeking.

You can jump into Dave’s 15 Day Business Builder Challenge Below:

legendary marketer 1_small

Attraction Code ($27 - $37 one time)

This is one of Dave's core mindset courses created to help new online marketers understand the concepts of positioning and creating authority in the marketplace.

This is a one-stop shop for learning attraction marketing.

You can pick up the Attraction Code below:

The Omni Branding Formula ($47 - $149 one time)

In Dave’s Omni Branding Formula Course, Dave shows you how to create 7-Days Of Social Media Content In 1-Hour And Be Everywhere Your Customers Are Online!

The Omni Branding Formula is a brand new and totally different approach to online marketing on social media because it doesn't rely on you having to come up with endless content ideas or being in front of the camera continuously "shooting videos".

Dave calls this concept: “Omnipresence” and it’s all about being everywhere your potential customers are.

If you think you can succeed in online marketing simply by continuously posting “value content”, you absolutely need to pick up Dave’s new Omni Branding Formula.

Legendary Marketers Club ($30/mo.)

Dave Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer’s Club is probably one of my favorite products offered. I really love the Marketer’s Club because it allows me to stay engaged every week with the Legendary Marketing team.

Each Monday, we go live with the lead marketing trainer of Legendary and we cover topics ranging from content marketing, to social media ads, to really anything that someone may have a question about. It’s an awesome way to get semi-personalized support and training for your online business.

Online classes include “The Journey To 250,000 YouTube Subscribers” and “Sales Secrets From The 5-Billion Dollar Man”.

Each month, a brand-new training program is released, and they’re jam-packed with value-punching content.
Of course, you also get access to all the previous month’s training courses in your back office.

You can upgrade to the Marketer’s Club inside of the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge.

Dave Sharpe Legendary Marketer - Marketer's Club

Traffic University ($1497 one time)

If you’re part of the growing percentage of online marketers and small business owners who are starting to feel like you need to do more with Facebook ads or other social media ads, then Traffic University is for you.

Dave Sharpe has leveraged the world’s top advertising experts to walk you through, click by click, on how to succeed with your ad campaigns.

Dave and team leave no stone unturned for you so YOU can dominate the top media platforms, like Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Instagram, as well as Twitter and the Google Display Network.

Inside of this comprehensive traffic generation course, Dave and team also teach you how to create compliant landing pages for each platform so you can be confident your ads will be approved, and your ad accounts will remain safe and compliant.

There are 9 separate courses included in the Traffic University Bundle with each of them valuing several hundred dollars in my opinion.


Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints

Legendary's Flagship Digital Products

affiliate marketing day 1 med

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint ($2500 one time)

How would you like to be able to wake up each morning, turn on your computer and see that while you were sleeping last night, “passive income” was rolling into your bank account? That’s everyone’s dream, right?

Although everyone’s individual results will vary, and some results are definitely not “typical”; I can tell you that’s exactly what I’ve seen in my own affiliate marketing business. I mean after all, that’s why we get into affiliate marketing in the first place; so we can build an online asset that has the ability to generate cash 24 hours a day whether we’re sitting behind our computer or not.

I get traffic to my website from all over the world; so, I’m able to generate sales from multiple time zones allowing me to make money “while I sleep”. And that my friend is exactly what Dave and team teach in their Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint.

When you join Legendary’s 15 Day Business Builder Challenge, you’re offered the opportunity to upgrade to the Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint. Inside of this blueprint training, Dave and the Legendary Marketing Team teach you how to build an online asset and to sell other people’s products as an affiliate to create ongoing “passive income”.



If selling digital products, either your own info product, or someone else’s digital product is something you want to get into, then the Legendary Marketer Digital Products Business Blueprint is for you.

In this Business Blueprint, Dave teaches you how to sell high profit margin digital products. It’s all about creating an asset once and selling it over and over again for high profit margins.

With digital products, you don’t need physical materials, or an expensive warehouse, factory, or staff. You just need an idea, a computer, and a little time on your hands to create the initial product.

Inside the Digital Products Business Blueprint you’ll learn how to turn your ideas and passion into an audio, written, or video product ready to sell and share.

Legendary Marketer Coaching & Consulting


There is no shortage of information on the Internet. A simple YouTube, Google, or Bing search will often yield hundreds of thousands of unique results for common search terms.

This is where coaching and consulting expertise come into play.

Inside the Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint, Dave and team show you how to synthesize knowledge into a concise format that is easily understood by customers in need of that information and help.

Inside this business blueprint, you’ll learn how to turn your expertise or passion into an in-demand service-based business ready for your first or your next customer.

You’ll learn the power of doing business online means you have minimal overhead, no need for rented office space or advanced tech skills, and appointments can easily be handled online and via webinars or Skype calls.



The world has gone more virtual recently with online events and masterminds but there is still a need for that ongoing personal contact you get with in-person meetups and mastermind sessions. The need for personal coaching isn’t going to change any time soon. It’s in our nature to want to connect on a close and personal basis, even in business. And you just can’t beat the energy and motivation you experience when attending an in-person live event.

If events and masterminds pique your interest, then you’ll definitely want to check out Legendary’s Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint

Whether virtual or in-person, inside the Events and Masterminds Business blueprint, you’ll learn how to plan, host, and profit from facilitating yours or other people’s events and masterminds.

Legendary Mastermind ($9400 one time)

Inside Legendary’s 15 Day Business Builder Challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade and purchase the ability to spend 3 days with the Legendary Team at one of their renowned Mastermind events at a very special discounted price.

For those that have attended any in-person mastermind event in the past, you know the value of getting together in a more personal environment where industry tips and secrets can be shared more easily.

legendary marketer mastermind 2

Legendary's Affiliate Programs

Start Your Online Journey with Legendary

affiliate marketing day 1 med


Affiliates for Legendary Marketer are paid based on your affiliate level.

While you’re going through Legendary’s 15 Day Business Builder Challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up to be an affiliate for Legendary Marketer.

Their basic affiliate level is free, and you can earn 10%-30% commissions for any sales you make.

LEGENDARY MARKETER AFFILIATE - PRO ($29.95/mo. – earn 30%-60% commissions)

Their Pro Affiliate level is $29.95/mo. but you’re able to earn 30%-60% commissions for any sales you make.

If you’re like me, you hate passing up commissions.

After all, you’ve already made the sale, you might as well get the maximum commission right. It should be a no-brainer for those looking to maximize their business and affiliate commissions.

Who is Legendary Marketer For?

If you’re just starting out in affiliate marketing or you’re still relatively new to online marketing, then I’d say 99% of the content in Legendary Marketer is probably for you. Having been through the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge myself, and having gone through most of their additional products, I’d say Legendary Marketer is tailor made to help an online marketer go from $0 to $5K/mo.

Legendary Marketer gives you the key fundamentals you need in order to set up and succeed in an online business.

They show you how to create and set up sales funnels, how to create email sequences, how to generate leads and how to follow up with them, and how to drive traffic to your offers.

Who Should “Not” Purchase Legendary Marketer?

If you’re still looking for a magic push-button system that rains down cash, then Legendary Marketer is not for you. Legendary Marketer is not a get rich scheme. This program and business, like ANY business you may create, requires hard work, integrity and developing your skills if you want to earn more financially.

Your results will vary and depend on many factors, including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic.

All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. if you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT PURCHASE Dave Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer Program.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, I believe Dave Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer Program is one of the best online programs available for its marketing training content as well as its affiliate program.

Dave Sharpe has built a $200M online education company and has been in the online marketing industry for over a decade. His company and team stand behind their products and are here for the long term in support of their customers and affiliates.

The choice is ultimately yours, but I highly suggest you take a serious look at Legendary Marketer if you’ve been looking for a solid, and reputable evergreen online affiliate program.

Finally, if you do take a look at Dave’s Legendary Marketer and you decide “not” to join LM, I’d love to hear your feedback as to why you didn’t want to join. Please email me or reach out to me here on this site, or via social media with your thoughts.


Legendary Marketer

97% Overall

For Anyone Who Wants To Start A Profitable Online Business But Doesn’t Know Where To Begin. Legendary Marketer is by far my highest recommended affiliate program to promote:

Get Your Business Set-Up And Ready For Your First High-Ticket Customer In Just 15 Days!

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