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How to make $100 per day from home online

So, is it still possible for the average person to make $100 per day online from home?

The simple answer to the question above is YES; it absolutely IS possible for the average person to earn $100 per day online. And although the methods I’ll show you below are relatively simple methods to make $100 per day online; they’re not “easy”.

What I mean by that is; you can’t just push a button and all of a sudden, you’ve got dollars, or rubles, or rupees flowing through your bank account. Like anything, like the job you probably go to every day; it requires work.

Writing this article requires work, for example. It didn’t write itself; and in this instance, I did not pay anyone else to write it. I wrote it. I proofread it for errors, I posted it to MY website; and then I shared the link across social media syndication to get traffic.

That’s what I mean by simple but not easy. Anything you do online to make or ”earn” money requires WORK.

So with that said, please continue on for a few money making ideas I have listed below.

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OK, since I covered my little “disclaimer” above; let’s jump right into the content and show you a few ways you can begin to make $100 per day online for yourself.


It is 2:30 in the morning. Most of your friends are asleep. You have given up the idea of ever falling asleep as you glance out the window, wondering what tomorrow is going to be like. You fear the comfort of your bed; not because you dread the possibility of having a nightmare, not because you hate drifting into slumber, but because you are frightened of tomorrow.

Another day is just another day of stress.

I'm not sure if the above scenario sounds familiar to you; but it was all too familiar to me when I think about my recent past of just a few years ago. I remember countless sleepless nights and days of stress months on end, trying to determine how I was going to pay off $1000's in debt, from credit cards, school, cars, etc.

If there was a shining silver lining in the above, it's two-fold.

  1. For me, the stress actually motivated me to continue exploring ways to make money online; and
  2. I was thankfully, fully employed so at least I didn't have unemployment to worry about. That meant I could do my regular day job, and every evening and weekend I could focus on ways to make "extra" money to help pay off debt.

That's when I found affiliate marketing. Below I list several ways someone could potentially build up to begin earning an extra $100 per day if they have time, patience, drive, and motivation. For me, I was sold on the affiliate marketing model which allowed me to earn online commissions for items I sold through social media and my website.

If you would like to jump straight in and have me show you exactly how you can begin to earn $100 per day in online affiliate marketing, check out this post where I show you the $100 business model that can make you as much as $100K per year; or just jump right into my 5 Day Affiliate Marketing Business Builder Challenge. Inside my 5 Day Challenge I show you the ONLY 4 Things EVERY Affiliate Marketer Needs to Succeed Online.

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Now, you may have a particular skillset or ability that really lends itself to consulting or some form of online coaching. Perhaps you work nights so that leaves you open throughout the day to maybe run a dog sitting business or some other service-based business while others are out working during the day. The possibilities are really endless if you use a little imagination.

For me; online affiliate marketing was the golden key. It allowed me to essentially build an asset once (e.g. info products), and resell it over and over. And the best part about selling digital info products; whether your own product or someone else's, is that the pro t margins are high while overhead is extremely low. I mean, there's nothing to store, nothing to ship, or print, or manufacture.

OK, all set and ready to dive right in? Excellent.

But first - Let's just do a quick mindset check. Mindset check you ask? What does that have to do with making $100/day?

Believe it or not, having the correct mindset, even for something like trying to make an extra $100/day can make or break your chances for success.

The first thing I need you to understand before we begin this journey together is your "WHY". 

  • Why do you want to make $100/day?
  • What is your motivation, what is driving you?
  • And are you willing to push on even when it gets tough? 

You see, knowing your "Why" is going to help you know what to focus on when things get a little tough going. Use your "Why" to draw upon and motivate you to continue to push on even when you think you're not going to succeed. Success is often right around the corner.

Starting an online business, or any business for that matter, is not easy. It requires hard work, it requires some investment capital, and it requires developing your skills over time.

Ask any business owner or entrepreneur and they'll tell you it was no easy ride before finally achieving success in their own business.

OK, do you know your "Why"? If so, let's begin.

1) Freelance Writing

how to make 100 from home online 3 freelance writing

There are tons of things to write about on the internet. The scope of which is so broad that you can literally write about anything and get paid for it. All you need to start is a list of the things that you know or have experience about. I guarantee there is someone out there that is a few steps behind you and could really benefit from your knowledge. You don't need to be an expert or guru - you just have to know something that someone else wants to learn.

And then, select your niche or your area of specialty a.k.a your favorite topic. Specializing in one niche will help you to target potential clients and make it easier for clients to find you.

What should you write about?

If you like to write, below are 3 of the most profitable online niches to write about.

If you have key knowledge in any of the 3 areas below; you can easily set up an online blog with WordPress or other blogging platform and create a highly profitable online blog. You can even set up your blog using completely free hosting like WordPress.com. I do recommend, however, if you're going to treat this like a business and not a hobby so you can get "paid" like a business, you need to choose a professional domain name and pay for inexpensive hosting.

  1. Health & Wellness, Weight Loss
  2. Wealth or Make Money Online
  3. Relationships, Dating
  4. (bonus) - Pets

The above "niches" or topics are a few of the most profitable topics to write about online. The reason is they have a broad base of interested parties anxious to learn more about them AND people are willing to spend money in each of these areas.

Whether someone is looking for the best way to calm their nervous pet, looking for ways to make money online, or looking for the best keto diet; you can bet they're willing to fork out their hard-earned cash for information they feel is going to solve their current problem.

Each one of the niches listed above are multi-billion-dollar industries unto themselves. Take pets for example; according to the American Pet Products Association (AAPA), Americans spent over $72B on their pets in 2018 and it appears we'll be close to $100B into 2020 and beyond. That's a LOT of money to spend on pets. Yep - people definitely love their pets AND are willing to spend money like crazy on them. 

Not sure if there is money to be made in a topic of interest you have?

Just do a simple online search for your topic of interest and see how many different products you can find. Another sign that there is money to be made in your niche, is again; back on that search... how many ads do you see pop up when you perform that search? If you see a high number of ads, you can bet there is money to be made otherwise companies wouldn't be willing to pay for ad space for that topic.

Of course, like any other path to success, you don’t become a master freelance writer overnight. However, if you can already imagine yourself earning more than a hundred dollars a day simply by writing on a topic that you love, then there is nothing to lose in trying! Attend online courses, read freelance writing ebooks (a lot of them are free of charge), watch YouTube tutorials, slowly build your own portfolio of writing articles and blogs, and before you know it, you'll develop your own list of clients perfectly willing to pay you to write their content or who are willing to pay for your content.

According to ziprecruiter.com, an established freelance writer gets paid from around $2167 to $5268 a month. That’s approximately $150 a day! Some go for an hourly rate charging an average of $30/hour, and decent copywriters get paid upwards of a dollar per word! PER WORD! Imagine writing a 500-word document and getting paid $500 for it! Now that may not be "typical" but what is typical is to get paid around $.02 to .04 per word so a typical 2000-word article should pay between $40 - $80 per article. Just two $80 articles would give you $160/day. 

If you want to start looking for your first freelance writing gig, you may want to check out these websites:

2) Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are usually a bit of a generalist when it comes to online tasks. VA's may do general website updates and testing, create documents, create bonus pages for product launches; the list of possibilities is really quite endless. I use VAs for all sorts of things in my online business.

how to make 100 from home online 3 virtual assistant

Virtual Assistants work for clients who usually need some sort of administrative services. We all know that there are a lot of different companies out there and they all have various needs and requirements. You may be tasked to answer emails, to set up the calendar of the client, to manage social media posts, etc. Even though VAs often perform a broad range of activities, it's usually understood that; at least to start, virtual assistants are typically not subject matter experts in any given area of tasks to perform. They often need a bit of training for a specific process. So you don't need to be an expert in anything to start to be a VA.

Why being a VA is so great? As a virtual assistant, you often get to work on a wide range of duties and are able to exponentially increase your particular skillset over time. This, in turn, will make you more valuable to future clients, enabling you to charge more for your respective services.

Most clients may look for a virtual assistant with experience, but here’s the deal: there are ways to gain that experience without even ever having a prior job as a VA. You just need a little resourcefulness. Now granted, you probably don't want to say you can build out a full blown eCommerce website if you've never built a single web page before; but the truth is, most VA work is fairly generic and administrative, even online. So if you're stuck on something, a quick online search will usually yield what you're looking for.

Watch tutorials, do relevant activities, join free or paid online courses on virtual assistance, attend webinars and document whatever you learn or create an online portfolio. All that can & should be counted as experience.

According to ZipRecruiter, one of the biggest recruiting companies in the United States, virtual assistants can get paid from up to $59.86 per hour! Not bad for someone who is trying to find their way around the freelancing world. Also, you get paid while being trained with a lot of basics that could eventually lead you to your actual field of expertise!

Not a bad deal huh?

Here are some of the virtual assistant websites that you may want to start browsing as you get started:

3) Graphic Design

how to make 100 from home online 4 graphic designer

If you have the talent or you have interest in learning design, then graphic design work is an excellent and often highly paid field to get into. If you are interested in making a nice profit online out of your love for art and creativity, then this may be the best option for you. Plus, there are a lot of self-taught graphic designers that are now earning a six-figure income using the skills they taught themselves. I'm a perfect example; now I'm no graphic artist but I do create most of my own web graphics and I am 100% completely self-taught.

UX design - also known as User Experience design; this is all about making mobile applications and websites more user-friendly, pleasant and adoptable.

Web design - focuses on making websites more appealing and interactive. Designers play with the color scheme, layout and navigation pane of the website to ensure that it is presented in the best possible way and conducive to the best overall user experience.

Motion Graphics Design - remember your favorite fantasy show as a child? The people responsible for the special effects and other visual elements are also graphic designers and video effects folks. Talented motion graphic designers and video effects folks are capable of earning well into 6 figure incomes as freelancers.

It's true you may have a bit more of a learning curve on this one, but that doesn't mean it's out of reach. It may just require a bit more focus. If you need any motivation to start hitting those tutorials, looking thru those guides, meeting people and perhaps joining classes, then kindly take note that according to ZipRecruiter, the average rate for Graphic Designers is $48,283 per year! THAT’S AROUND 132 BUCKS A DAY! Rates may vary for every country of course, but it is very likely that you have in you, the same potential to earn just as much... and maybe much more!

Here are some graphic designing websites that you can check out for creative opportunities:

4) Affiliate Marketing


For a lot of people, affiliate marketing is their first step online towards a six-figure dream. In layman’s terms, affiliate marketing is really just selling other people's products or services for a commission. Just think about Amazon affiliates as one of the most popular and well-known affiliate programs.

An affiliate is simply a person who promotes a certain product for a company and then earns a commission when they sell that product, usually online. Someone— an affiliate — is given a share in the revenue generated after promoting a product or a service. It's a very simple business model and it's very easy to get started in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is anchored upon income-sharing. Whether you are planning to be the seller (also known as the merchant or vendor), or a publisher (an affiliate), affiliate marketing is de finitely something you can bene t from. This is a win/win situation for both the business or vendor and the affiliate. The merchant or vendor can make more money by employing an army of online affiliate selling their products and the affiliate win because they get to sell high-pro t, in-demand products and don't have to deal with any of the customer support, shipping, or support.

If you are planning to go into affiliate marketing, one thing that can help you is by owning a website, as is the case in a lot of other online freelancing work. Your website is your "base" and helps to portray you as the expert in your eld. When your website is done right, it lends itself to a lot of professional credibility.

What's the best way to get into affiliate marketing?

One of the easiest ways to get started in affiliate marketing is by doing affiliate product reviews. You can do this in written form on your own website or you can do this by creating videos and doing review videos on YouTube. Those are just a couple examples.

Ok, I get it. But how do I even start if I don’t have any money?”

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to begin to generate income online. I don't know of any other business model that compares to affiliate marketing. This is simply because you could literally get started with your own online affiliate marketing business for less than $100.

Click the here to see the $100 business that has the potential to make you $100K or more per year.

According to affise.com, even a modestly successful affiliate can earn up to $300 a day! That's a pretty decent online income just for being an affiliate.

On the other hand, super affiliates (also known as the “gurus of affiliate marketing”) can make up to $100K a month, and even more! Granted they're the exception to the rule but it is definitely possible with hard work and persistence.

Just find a popular and profitable niche like I listed in the previous pages, find products in those niches and sign up to the companies as an affiliate.

Then just start selling!

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Below are links to websites that you can browse if you are planning to take on the affiliate marketing world:

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