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Local Agency Box Review

Local Agency Box Review – Is Local Agency Box just another hyped up online “Business-in-a-Box?”

Hey fellow readers and online marketers; welcome to my Local Agency Box review. There has certainly been no shortage of these types of product launches in the field of online marketing lately. One such launch was for a product I recently reviewed called FLiiK which automatically creates product comparison videos and landing pages for you.

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Local Agency Box


Ease of Use




Value for the Money



  • Professionally designed done-for-you agency websites
  • Fairly “newbie” friendly to get set up
  • You get 10 complete online digital agency “businesses-in-a-box”.


  • You really need to understand how to drive traffic to your new online
  • You still need a fair amount of basic online marketing skills


I would consider Local Agency Box a step above those other products, however. Mainly because of the sheer magnitude of content and functionality you receive for the price. I’ll go into that I more detail below.

For some of you that may be new to online marketing or digital agencies; Local Agency Box allows a relative “newbie” in the online digital marketing space to essentially launch an online digital agency and start marketing that agency to new customers like local businesses that need help with their social media marketing. You can even help individuals do a “marketing make-over” of their professional profiles and Pages on LinkedIn and Facebook.

With Local Agency Box; you can get set up quickly with a professionally designed online presence allowing you to stay focused on money making activities like getting local business and professional clients.

Now that is certainly easier said than done, of course. After all; going into business for yourself does take work and isn’t exactly easy; even if a ton of the front-end online “leg work” is done for you.

If you’ve been considering starting an online digital marketing agency, however, and just needed the right “nudge” and content to get you started; I can’t think of a better kick-off than picking up Local Agency Box and giving it a go.

I mean for the low front end start-up costs; you really can’t go wrong. What other business can you essentially start up for less than $50 and some hosting costs?

Try opening up a well-known franchise for less than about $500K U.S. Not easy to do.

Local Agency Box Review 1

Local Agency Box Product Details:

Here are some of the key product details that I captured during my Local Agency Box review.

The core Local Agency Box is comprised of 10 completely done-for-you online agency kits in one single package. I’ll highlight each of those kits for you below.

Included Local Agency Box “agency kits”:

  1. Video Marketing Agency
  2. Content Marketing Agency
  3. Social Media Agency
  4. Messenger Bot Agency
  5. Mobile App Agency
  6. Restaurant Digital Agency
  7. Facebook Ads Agency
  8. SEO Agency
  9. Graphic Design Agency
  10. Website Design Agency
Local Agency Box Review 3

The Local Agency Box “agency kits” include:

  • Done-for-you websites for each of the online agency businesses.
  • Full proposal drafts already written; you just customize for your business.
  • Fully customized graphics for each of the business models.
  • You get their list of “trusted” outsource service providers so you can even outsource much of the actual work and use a bit of an online arbitrage model here; meaning you outsource the services for say $100-$200 and you charge your customer $500+ for the same service you just had outsourced and you keep the difference in cost.
  • You also get a full “demo reel” or demo video you can show to your prospective customer to impress them and to get them signed up under your business.
  • Done-for-you sample contracts you just need to customize for your business.
  • You also get their complete training bootcamp and customer prospecting kit to get up and running quickly in your own online digital marketing agency.

Local Agency Box General Pros and Cons: 

Local Agency Box Pros and Cons

Below is just a brief list of what I believe are the main pros and cons of Local Agency Box


  • Professionally designed done-for-you agency websites – saves a ton of time and money to get started quickly.
  • Fairly “newbie” friendly to get set up. Obviously, you need a basic understanding of online digital marketing. I mean a nice done for you web site doesn’t automatically turn you into an expert online digital marketer.
  • Access to their list of preferred 3rd party outsource providers.
  • You get 10 complete online digital agency “businesses-in-a-box”.


  • This may or may not be a con depending on your view but this is a “semi-custom” product; meaning the done-for-you websites are not 100% unique to everyone else who buys Local Agency Box. Lots of websites start out as “templates” though. Even my own website here is a “template” design from ThemeForest.
  • You still need a fair amount of basic online marketing skills to make a go of Local Agency Box. If you’re completely brand new to online digital marketing; learn some skills while you get this set up in parallel.
  • You really need to understand how to drive traffic to your new online agency AND be prepared to “hit the sidewalk” doing local business marketing. Online funnels only go so far.

Pros and Cons Summary:

I’ll summarize more below but I’d say if you were already thinking about creating an online digital agency; then Local Agency Box is probably a no-brainer for you since it’s going to include a ton of content you would have needed to create anyway. With Local Agency Box; many things you were already going to need are done for you.

Is there anything missing with Local Agency Box?

This one is a bit more difficult to answer but I’ll give you my personal perspective. I think the question is less “what is missing with Local Agency Box” and more about what might be missing within your own online marketing journey.

You need more than just a “fancy website” and done-for-you contracts and proposals and demo reels to start an online digital marketing agency; albeit they’re a great start.

Like I previously stated; if you believe you have the skills and small amount of required capital to start your own online digital agency; then absolutely Local Agency Box makes sense.

If not, honestly; just knowing myself; I’d still pick up Local Agency Box befor they raise the price and I’d go learn online digital marketing skills while I get my website and business set up with all the included content that Local Agency Box provides.

Local Agency Box Review 4

In Conclusion of my Local Agency Box review:

All in all, I’d say Local Agency Box really offers a tremendous value to someone already looking to start an online digital marketing agency. The web site design, content, and all the other done-for-you materials really make this a no brainer for the overall cost.

Now there is a still a ton of work that you need to do behind the scenes to actually start an online agency; but Local Agency Box brings you a great deal of done-for-you work and content on the front end saving you two critical things in my opinion; time AND money!

The choice is ultimately yours;

But if you decide not to pick up Local Agency Box and you still start an online digital marketing agency; you’re still going to have to create your website; create content; create demo reels; write template proposals, and contracts, etc.

That is going to take a ton of time and a bit of money unless you can do it all yourself.

In summary; picking up Local Agency box is an absolute no-brainer for anyone that is already considering starting their own online digital marketing agency.

One Time Offers and Upsells:

One Time Offers and Upsells:

  1. Upsell 1 is a software bundle you can use to deliver your services.
  2. Upsell 2 is a local video kit (demo reel) you can show potential customers.
  3. Upsell 3 is Local Agency Apps which gives you reseller rights to 5 high quality apps.
  4. Upsell 4 is Local Agency box Reseller allowing you to sell Local Agency Box and keep 100% of the profits.


If you do decide to pick up Local Agency Box from my link below (and thank you); I’ve of course prepared some key bonuses that I think are really going to compliment Local Agency Box.

Also don’t forget the special coupon code below:

  1. Bonus #1: $0-$100 in 24 hours – training to go from $0 - $100 in 24 hours
  2. Bonus #2: 2000 Copy and Paste emails for your auto-responder
  3. Bonus #3: Bing Ads Course - Training
  4. Bonus #4: Enigma – training course
  5. Bonus #5: All vendor bonuses of course
  6. Special Bonus #1: Access to premier PLR reports and content to build your email list.
  7. Special Bonus #2: Lifetime All-Access Pass to any and all training course and content I publish in my own digital marketing academy.

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    Very Interesting. You have a very nice website and blog. It is so professionally presented. Well done. Have you ever looked into a comparison of affiliate marketing vs eCommerce or Dropshipping? And thank you for taking the time to view my last post on WordPress. 🙂 It is appreciated.

    • Thomas Thomas says:

      Thanks for the comments Merry. Honestly, my skillset just sort of naturally took me into affiliate marketing vs. eCom or dropshipping. I never wanted to have to deal with physical products, although I know for some, it has been very lucrative. For me though – I tend to stick with digital products. Thanks.

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