Teaching You How To Create Multiple Streams of Income Through Affiliate Marketing
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The $100 Online Business That Can Make You $100,000+ Per Year!

So what is this $100 Biz that can generate $100K or more per year? 

The world we live in today is not the same world we were living in just a few short years ago.

In fact, more and more people are turning to remote, location independent work and this past year has only accelerated that transformation.

More people than ever before are looking for alternative working models to make a living and to sustain their families.

5-Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge


Ease of Use




Value for the Money



  • Easy to follow step by step process each day
  • Super “newbie” friendly to get set up
  • Only requires about 1 hour per day
  • You can be completely up and running by day 3
  • 100% "done-4-you" share-coded funnel


  • No tire kickers here - you will need to invest about $100 in your new online business
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They’re turning their so-called “side-hustles” into mainstream online profit-generating machines.

So… Can You Turn a $100 Online Side-Hustle Into a $100,000+ Per Year Business?

The simple answer is… Yes absolutely!

In fact you can start an online business today for less than the cost of dinner for two in a nice restaurant.

And what exactly is this $100 online business?

Well, it’s Affiliate Marketing of course, and I could go down the line of successful affiliate marketers that are generating well over $100K per year in their businesses following a simple formula I’ll outline for you.


Some of the most successful affiliate marketers online are actually generating more than $100K PER MONTH – yes you read that right.

Now granted, they’re definitely the exception and not the “typical” but you really can generate a very nice full-time income by following a very simple formula to online profits.

In fact, I’ll show you the ONLY 4 things you need as an affiliate marketer to succeed online.

Now before we start, I don’t want you to confuse the term “simple” with “easy”.

Yes, the affiliate marketing model I’m going to show you is PROVEN and “simple” but it’s not easy.

It requires a commitment of time, energy, and money, but the potential is almost limitless depending on your level of effort and resources or should I say “resourcefulness”.

Your return is going to be directly proportional to what you put in, and like EVERY business, this involves some risk, and NO income is guaranteed. (OK – disclaimer done! ) Let’s move on….

What makes this model so great, however, is that you can actually get started in YOUR OWN online affiliate marketing business for less than about $100 and a few hours of time.

How I Can Help You Fast-track Your Success

My Affiliate Marketing "Quick-Start" Guide and Checklist will get you started on the right foot and show you step-by-step in simple to understand instructions how to create and set up your own online affiliate marketing business with the potential of generating a full-time income.

PLUS - I'm going to help "Fast-track" your success because I'm going to give you my "done-4-you" Lead Capture Page opt-in funnel below on Day 3 of the 5-Day Challenge where I've already done 99% of the work for you.

You just put in your own affiliate link and I basically hand you the funnel shown below:

This will save you a TON of time!

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Affiliate Marketing 5-Day Challenge sample funnel

PLUS - for everyone who joins me in my 5-Day Affiliate Marketing "Business-Builder" Challenge, you're going to get a special VIP "promo" code for all 26 of my Brand New Professionally Designed Internet Marketing CHEAT SHEETS.

They're what I call: “The AtoZ of Internet Marketing” and these are my EXTREMELY POWERFUL CHEAT SHEETS that Include Only the BEST Tips and Tricks YOU NEED TO GROW YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS!

Expand To Learn More About My AtoZ Cheat Sheets

Here’s a quick overview of what you get inside each of these 26 cheat sheets for growing your list, generating traffic, building your business and generating more sales:

  • A is for Amount, which shows you how to raise the average dollar amount per transaction with your customers!
  • B is for Branding, where you’ll discover the three quick steps to developing and building a profitable brand!
  • C is for Content, and you’ll find out how to use content to boost your traffic, build relationships, and bolster conversions!
  • D is for Design, because presentation is just as important as information – and that’s why you’ll want to check out these three keys for making a great first impression!
  • E is for Email, where you’ll discover how to Capture, Captivate and Convert subscribers to create a profitable list!
  • F is for Freelancer, where you’ll discover how to boost your profits by outsourcing common business tasks!
  • G is for Growth, and you’ll discover how to boost your profits using consistent steps for getting more traffic, growing your list and generating more sales!
  • H is for Habits, where you’ll find out the three-step “Plan-Prepare-Produce” system for getting more done in less time!
  • I is for Ideas, where you’ll find out how to generate, validate and implement profitable business ideas!
  • J is for Jump Start, which is all about jump starting your sales with coupons, contests, and case studies!
  • K is for Keys, where you’ll find out how Platform, Position and Perception will help you build a loyal tribe!
  • L is for Lead Magnet, where you’ll get a simple 3-step process for creating highly profitable lead magnets!
  • M is for Monetization, because there’s no point in building platforms if you’re not monetizing them. This cheat sheet shows you how!
  • N is for Naming Products, because your title can make or break a product’s success. And this cheat sheet gives you the three keys to creating effective names!
  • O is for Offer, where you’ll discover how to create a perfect, profitable offer!
  • P is for Product Creation, where you’ll get the three steps for creating high-quality, profitable products that your customers will love!
  • Q is for Quality, which is why this cheat sheet shows you how to proof, polish and package your way to a good reputation for creating high-quality content and offers!
  • R is for Research, because the first step to creating a new product is to make sure it’s something your audience really wants. This cheat sheet shows you how to do it!
  • S is for Social Media, where you’ll find out a three-step method for creating a more effective social media strategy!
  • T is for Targeting, because trying to appeal to everyone is a recipe for disaster. This cheat sheet shows you how to put the right offer in front of the right audience!
  • U is for USP, and this cheat sheet reveals the three questions you need to ask in order to create a USP that tells your prospects why they should do business with you!
  • V is for Video, and inside this cheat sheet you’ll find out the three keys (Function, Format, and Forward) for developing highly effective videos!
  • W is for Word-of-Mouth Advertising, and here you’ll discover the secrets of generating warm, responsive leads with viral marketing!
  • X is for X-Ray, which is all about getting inside your prospect’s head so you can create content and offers that really speak to them!
  • Y is for You, and here you’ll discover the What, Where and When of telling your story to build credibility, grow relationships and generate sales!
  • Z is for Zero, which will show you how to start from zero and build a new stream of income!
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How To Get Started

Just Click the Button below to start your 5-Day Affiliate Marketing Business Builder Challenge and I’ll show you how to start building YOUR subscriber list of potential customers in as little as 3 Simple Steps.

I’ll also Show You the ONLY 4 Things EVERY Affiliate Marketing Needs to Succeed Online.

My 5-Day Affiliate Marketing Business Builder Challenge is Completely FREE.

I even show you how to grab trial versions of the tools we’ll be using during your 5-Day Challenge so you can see if online affiliate marketing is right for you.

So there is no risk here except for a little bit of your time.

So Get Started Today! – Click the Button Below to Begin and to Download Your FREE Affiliate Marketing Quick Start Guide and Checklist.

Click the button below to begin your 5 Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge and complete Day 1 for your chance to receive a $100 hotel Voucher which is as good as cash and redeemable at over 1 million hotel locations worldwide! It's my gift to you just for jumping into my free training and completing all Day 1 activities.
Affiliate marketing 5 day challenge 100 dollar hotel card

PLUS - As a special unannounced bonus and "Graduation Gift" for completing all 5-Day Challenge daily tasks, you'll have a chance to receive a certificate for a complimentary 3-5 night hotel vacation package valid at any one of over 124 locations world-wide AND you'll have 24 months to use your voucher from the time of activation. (*some restrictions apply).

This is NOT some timeshare presentation. This is a “real” hotel resort vacation package offered at over 124 locations world-wide.

Just watch the video below:

Affiliate Marketing 5-day-challenge_med
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About the Author Thomas

I am a proven business and technology leader, affiliate marketing and digital marketing specialist and I'm passionate about helping others create multiple streams of income through affiliate marketing.

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  • It’s true that affiliate marketing and having many online income streams is the intelligent way to gain your financial freedom. I have done it wrong and I have done it right and I choose the many ways to spread my efforts across as many industries that entertain me or at least I feel strongly about. Thanks for liking my content when you did and look forward to more of your blog posts. Also, can you please explain what this entire thing about click funnels is about because it just looks like another sales funnel builder which wordpress already has built into it’s platform with all the plugins that are now available?

    • Thomas Thomas says:

      Hello AJ, thanks for the comment. Yeah you’re correct; there are a ton of funnel builders out there. Honestly it really just comes down to personal preference and budget if you use a “paid-for” page builder.

      Cartflows is a great plugin funnel builder for WP. Some people like to stay away from adding more plugins though because of security, speed, updates, etc.

      With so many different webpage builders out there for WP, again it really just comes down to preference on what you’re familiar with. I personally use Power Lead System and Thrive Themes because I’ve been using them for so long and I’m familiar with it and I like how it integrates with my autoresponder, etc. and it costs 1/3 of the price of ClickFunnels. One nice thing about ClickFunnels is the shear number of templates they have not only for sales funnels but for private membership sites, online courses, etc.; it is expensive though in my opinion and not necessary for what I do here.

      For other people that may be less knowledgeable; funnel builders are really just website page builders; a “sales funnel” is really just a combination of a single or multiple webpages connected together through an online sales process. Every time you buy something online, you go through some sort of “funnel”. For example; you may have a lead capture page to capture emails, followed by a product offer page, followed by yet another upsell page, etc.

      You can build these “funnels” with almost anything from raw HTML/CSS, to using ElementorPro, DiVi, ClickFunnels, ThriveThemes, Power Lead System, to WordPress Plugins, etc.. wow – that’s enough rambling… hope that helps.

      • Wow, (thanks for the reply)…I think content is king whenever a visitor who has an interest in the link. The sale funnel builders is to streamline the entire process so it’s a comfortable and smooth experience for customers.

      • And you’re not rambling….i read groovetunnels or whatever it is also offering a free plan and i’m guessing their have a paid plan on the backend

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