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Day 2

Hey friend and fellow marketer; welcome back to day 2 of your 5 day affiliate marketing challenge.Before we jump into your day 2 content, I want to make sure you remembered to send me that email with answers to my two questions.I don’t want you to miss out on that $100 hotel savings voucher. The $100 hotel vouchers are as good as cash and redeemable at 1,000’s of hotel chain locations across the world.It's my gift to you for completing all day 1 activities.

So if you didn’t send that email, stop what you’re doing and go do that now. Here are the questions from yesterday:

  1. After your experience today; what are the top 2 things you'd like to get out of this challenge?
  2. What do think your 2 main challenges are when it comes to affiliate marketing?

OK – now with that out of the way – let’s jump into today’s activities. Today we’re going to focus on email because as the saying goes… the money is “ still ” in the list.Some people say email is dead… that nobody reads email anymore… and that you should focus on text SMS marketing or Messenger marketing… blah blah blah…Now don’t get me wrong, I sort of agree with some of those things.But one thing is for sure… email is NOT dead.People still love to consume “content” via email.They’re not going to read a long Messenger post, nor will they have the patience to read some long SMS text message.But they WILL get absorbed into an intriguing email.The challenge with email; as we’ll find out later, is simply that you NEED TO GET THE READER’S ATTENTION.

affiliate marketing 5 day challenge day 2 email

Although it is true; open rates and click thru rates in email aren't as good today as it used to be a few years ago. Email isn’t dead ; email does work and I think you’ll find most of the top affiliate marketers still rely heavily on email content and engagement; myself included. You just have to be a little more creative with content these days.OK for our first assignment of Day 2; we’re going to set up our autoresponder and sign up for the free trial with  GetResponse GetResponse  is the same autoresponder service I use in my own business and they’ve been in the email business a long time so I trust them to deliver my emails.Now technically, could you succeed in affiliate marketing without an autoresponder?Yeah I suppose so but I don’t recommend anyone serious about starting an online affiliate marketing business try running their business without one; for a simple reason; life happens !What I mean by that is, we get busy, things come up throughout the day, things happen, we get pulled left, right and before you know it the day is over… and that follow up message you had to send out to potentially make that sale of a new product launch…well you missed it. And you missed the sell.We don’t want that to happen.I set up my emails on auto-pilot in my autoresponder and viola;  GetResponse  sends them out day after day after day; and I don’t even need to think about it. It just gets done, PERIOD.And that’s what we want in affiliate marketing; Set it once, and let it run. We're looking for automation and leverage here.I believe in keeping things simple and using leverage. Autoresponders are leverage for our business.


If you’re brand new and don’t quite know exactly what an autoresponder is, I’ll explain what they are here.Autoresponders are an online tool that allows you to create digital newsletters or essentially pre-written emails that are sent automatically to your list of subscribers on your mailing list on your behalf. They are ‘triggered’ and sent based on rules and time intervals that you define. For example, you could set your autoresponder so that when somebody signs up to your mailing list, they immediately receive a welcome message from you.Then 1 day later; they automatically receive another message with value content like how to do xyz; Maybe 3 days later they receive yet another message with a discount code for your latest product or service.Maybe a week later they'll receive a 3-part email sequence describing the benefits of a new product or program that you're an affiliate of.You get the idea.Basically you can pre-write or copy a series of email messages; load them into your autoresponder and then let the autoresponder work it's magic.Most popular affiliate programs will provide you with email copy called email swipes. That allows you to basically grab those emails; tweak them a bit so they sound like your wording, and load them into your autoresponder as if you wrote them yourself.Autoresponders are a brilliant tool and I could not operate my business without one.So with that; let's get yours set up right now.

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Day 2 Assignments

Step 1 - Set up your GetResponse Autoresponder

Sign up for a GetResponse 30-day free trial . That will give you plenty of time to learn your new autoresponder and to begin loading content and subscribers as you get them.

Once you’re done setting up your free trial account; simply come back here and I’ll show you how to create your 1st List.

Step 2 - Create Your 1st Autoresponder List

Now let’s create your 1st List. This is basically the name of your 1st email list.

Note* - The name of your list will be visible to your subscribers so make sure the list name makes sense to both you and your future subscribers. Ex* - For example; the name of my main list is the_6figure_affiliate_lm_mentor . The list name needs to be all lower case letters and no spaces. I have several lists, so the list name above lets me know which list I’m working with and because it has the_6figure_affiliate in the name; it should be somewhat recognizable to my subscribers that it’s coming from me.

a) Click on Lists

b) Click on blue button " Create List "

c) Give your list a name and Click " Create "

Affiliate marketing 5 day challenge day 2 getresponse list Affiliate marketing 5 day challenge day 2 create list 2

Step 3 - Create Your 1st Welcome Message

OK, so now that your 1st list is created; let’s create your 1st welcome email autoresponder for your future subscribers.You don’t need to overthink this. Just write out a draft version and you can fine tune it over time.

By now you’ve probably already started to receive my emails; simply use my emails as a framework or model. If you want; feel free to directly copy my emails and tweak them a bit to sound like they're coming from you; I’m totally fine with that.As long as we’re working together; take anything I create; change it up a bit, and use it for your own business.The content I give you including my emails are one of the best and most efficient ways I can deliver training to you. Just copy what I do; what’s already working in affiliate marketing today.I suggest you write everything out in MS Word, or any other editor like Google Docs, or whatever; BEFORE loading it into GetResponse . That way, you always have a local copy of the content just in case.

  1. OK, to load your 1st welcome message; just log into GetResponse :
  2. Click on Lists at the top of the screen.
  3. Click on your list_name you just created.
  4. Click on CREATE Create Autoresponder from the top of the screen or menu.
  5. Just give the message a name; like Welcome Message
Affiliate marketing 5 day challenge day 2 getresponse autoresponder 1

6. Go ahead and fill out the rest of the input fields and set the day to send on Day 0. That will basically send your welcome message immediately following someone signing up to your list.

7. Now just click on “ Create new email ”. You don’t need to pick a fancy template or anything. We just want to make sure everything is working. We can always edit the message later and the simpler you make the message, the higher the probability your message will get delivered.

8. Just step through the screens to give your message a name, subject, etc. See screen snippets below :

  • Pro Tip – You want your email messages to look and feel like they’re coming from a friend. If they look like they’re being sent by an unknown business; your emails may find themselves in the spam folder or promotions tab on Gmail. If your emails don’t get delivered; nobody can ready them; and you can’t make a sell
affiliate marketing 5 day challenge day 2 autoresponder 2

9. Now just type your welcome message or copy and paste from MS Word, or Google Docs.

10. Click Next Step .

affiliate marketing 5 day challenge day 2 autoresponder 3

11. Lastly just click Save and publish to publish your 1st message (autoresponder).

Step 4 - Let's Load a Few More Emails

All right – really making progress today. Just one more thing to accomplish and then we’ll wrap up another successful day.Next we’re going to load a few more emails into your autoresponder. This will be a sequence of 4 emails that will help you to build a relationship with your new subscribers.After all, as you’ve heard me say before; people buy from those they think they Know , Like , and Trust .But don’t worry; you don’t need to write those emails from scratch; although you certainly could do that if you enjoy writing.Nope – we’re going to use the email swipes provided by Legendary Marketer in their affiliate back office.Now if you received immediate approval to be an affiliate for Legendary Marketer when you signed up yesterday; then perfect. You’ll have what we need here on this step.If for some reason they’re still reviewing your request to be an affiliate; that’s fine; don’t worry.We’ll come back to this.

So for the purposes here; I’ll assume you’re an approved LM affiliate and you have access to your affiliate back office.Basically just log into Once you log in, click on Affiliates in the top right.That will take you to the LM Affiliate Back Office.Now just look to the right part of the screen under Course Resources and click on number 4: “Emails To Build Relationships & Influence.” A new window will open up with a .PDF.

  • Now just repeat Step 3 above (Welcome message) 4 times to copy and paste the 4 LM emails into the list you created today.

  • You're going to create 4 new messages or autoresponders - same as you just did above when you created your welcome message.

  • Don't worry - it's copy and paste - should take 10 min. max.

Note* for each successive email – for the “Day to send on”… welcome email is day 0, next message send on Day 1, next send on day 2, and so on for each next message. This will essentially send one email per day for 5 days. If you get this wrong – no big deal. You can edit all this later inside of  Getresponse .

Just watch my screenshare video again if you have questions.

OK – Awesome – Congratulations! That’s a wrap for today.

Let’s recap what you did today;

  1. You signed up for your 1st autoresponder; GetResponse .
  2. You created your 1st email subscription list.
  3. You created your 1st welcome message for your future subscribers.
  4. AND you loaded 4 more relationship building messages into your list from Legendary Marketer . (5 total emails)

Yeah – I’d call that a productive and successful day!

I can’t wait until we jump into Day 3

Day 3 will be action packed and we’ll get to see a lot of what you completed over the last couple days come together as we build your 1st funnel and “connect it all together.”

Make sure you jump in and complete your Day 3 activities because I have another "surprise bonus" for you after tomorrow. Cheers and See you tomorrow!

Till tomorrow and to your Success;


AFFILIATE DISCLAIMERThis site is reader supported and a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, as well as other advertising and affiliate programs. When you purchase some products or services through links on my website, I may receive a small affiliate commission at no additional expense to the buyer. Thank you for your continued support. Without my readers this site would not be possible.

Extra Credit:  - Hey – how about some extra credit for day 2?Let’s create a test form so we can test out what you did today.

Just watch my screenshare video below if you get stuck.

Step 1 – Log back into Getresponse . Step 2 Click on Create – Create Form from the top of the screen. It will default on List Builder Wizard. That’s fine; if you scroll down the page you’ll see several sample forms. Just pick a simple form that has name and email. Again – just pick a “simple” form – this is just for testing. Step 3 – OK, with your form selected, just click on it. Don’t worry about changing anything. I’ll show you how simple it is to create your 1st sign up form for your subscribers. Again; you can get fancy with this stuff later. Step 4 – Click the blue Publish button in the top right corner. Step 5 – Select the last option; GetResponse will host my form. It should give you a URL. Just copy and paste that URL into your web browser to see your new form: It should be something like: Step 6 – Now you can just leave that page you’re on and view your new form in a new window. Go ahead and fill out the form and test it. You should begin receiving your autoresponder messages beginning with your 1st welcome message followed by your other messages over the next 5 days. Step 7 Last step – email me your form URL to [email protected] so I can subscribe to your list. That will allow me to better assist you and to give you more tips on email marketing.

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1 Chapter

Module 1 - Affiliate Marketing 5-Day Challenge

Module 1 - Affiliate Marketing 5-Day Challenge

Chapter 1 - Affiliate Marketing 5-Day Challenge 5 Lessons

Day 1 – Affiliate Marketing 5-Day Challenge

Affiliate Marketing 5 Day Income and List Building Challenge

Day 2 – Affiliate Marketing 5-Day Challenge

Day 2 - Affiliate Marketing 5-Day Challenge

Day 3 – Affiliate Marketing 5-Day Challenge

Day 3 - Affiliate Marketing 5-Day Challenge

Day 4 – Affiliate Marketing 5-Day Challenge

Day 4 - Affiliate Marketing 5-Day Challenge

Day 5 – Affiliate Marketing 5-Day Challenge

Day 5 - Affiliate Marketing 5-Day Challenge

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