Why Most New Affiliate Marketers Fail to Consistently Make Money Online - Teaching You How To Create Multiple Streams of Income Through Affiliate Marketing
Teaching You How To Create Multiple Streams of Income Through Affiliate Marketing
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Why Most New Affiliate Marketers Fail to Consistently Make Money Online

Why Most of New Affiliate Marketers Fail to Consistently Make Money Online?

In this short blog post I’ll be covering one of the big reasons that I believe is why the vast majority of new affiliate marketers fail to consistently make money online.

Before I jump right into that though, let’s take a look at my day’s highlights of what I was able to complete.

It’s been a busy Saturday so far. I’ve been able to spend a bit of time with the family, went to get a “much needed” haircut AND I completely revamped a new online sales funnel.

Yeah – that took a while – I need another cup of coffee……

Oh.. and I wrote this blog post and did all the typical social syndication of it.

Why Most of New Affiliate Marketers Fail to Consistently Make Money Online 1

Why Most of New Affiliate Marketers Fail to Consistently Make Money Online 1

Not a bad Saturday considering I’m probably just wrapping up dinner with the family as you may be reading this.

OK, back to my original point…. 

What do I feel is the main reason why so many new affiliate marketers fail to consistently make money online?

Well, I was just putting in the final edits on one of my online sales funnels and it sort of hit me again…..

What “hit me” was the realization again of what I believe is one of the biggest reasons why new affiliate marketers simply fail to make money online in any sort of consistent way.

I spend a fair amount of time in online marketing mastermind groups, online webinars, affiliate marketing forums, and everything in between; besides working on my own content of course.

If it involves making money online through digital affiliate marketing or network marketing, I’m probably jumping into it in some form or fashion.

On any given day you’ll see multiple online funnels opened up in my web browser.

I love reviewing sales pages, landing pages, lead capture pages, funnel hacking, etc.

I often go through online funnels just to see how many upsells, downsells, and one-time-offers they have in their sales process.

It might seem completely obvious... and it should be…. that every one of these funnels has one thing in common…


Why most affiliate marketers fail to make money 3

Why most affiliate marketers fail to make money 3

Yeah I can hear you now; “duh – of course they have something for sale”; that’s the purpose of a sales funnel…  TO SELL SOMETHING!

OK, but hear me out here and I’ll add some clarity.

I see so many comments in online marketing forums from new affiliate marketers that are not making consistent money or “any” money online form their online marketing effort.

My question/comment to them is always the same;

“What are you selling? show me your sales funnel and how you're marketing the product”

The response I receive back is typically something like the equivalent of a virtual deer in the headlights...

“I’m selling ABC product from XYZ Affiliate Network and I’m sending visitors to the affiliate link the vendor gave me."

Now maybe I’m being overly harsh here but this tells me a few things.

They’re obviously not in “control” of the funnel; which is OK , because as an affiliate marketer, that’s typical. But you should be very familiar with the funnel you’re sending potential customers through.

At the very least you should be sending ALL visitors to YOUR OWN LEAD CAPTURE PAGE for future follow up and to begin building a relationship with that website visitor.

You really should know every upsell and downsell the customer may encounter. You should really understand the entire customer journey from the moment they “land” on your lead capture page, or salespage or wherever, to the final sales checkout page and product delivery page they’ll see.

The Problem

The other big issue I typically see, as referenced above, is that the affiliate just grabs a vendor link and starts to blast that link all over the place without any thought in regard to actual marketing approach.

Now, depending on my level of engagement with an affiliate, I’ll typically ask to see a couple more things like their website, their social media pages and profiles, etc…

Again – deer in the headlights back…

Often the affiliate doesn’t have their own website; so they can’t send targeted traffic to brand “themselves".

A quick review of their social media profiles often reveals much of the same.

There is no reference to what they’re “selling”. No lead capture posts, no link to their non-existent website, no custom header graphic that promotes what they’re trying to sell.

If you’re going to succeed in affiliate marketing today; it takes more than just blasting an affiliate link all over everyone’s FB timelines.

What I find from many new affiliate marketers is that they really don’t have a fundamental understanding of “what” they’re selling or how they can positively or negatively impact that  customer journey (i.e. – marketing) to either increase or decrease the likelihood of making a sale.

Most new affiliate marketers fail to make money online consistently because:

Why most affiliate marketers fail to make money 4

  • They jump from one shiny object to the next dropping affiliate links all over their social media pages hoping someone will click and ultimately buy. Online affiliate marketing just doesn’t work that way today.
  • They fail to fully understand the complete sales process or customer journey and how they can impact that journey for their own benefit.
  • They fail to really understand the product they’re trying to sell thoroughly; and to really understand the “benefits” that product brings to the individuals who buy it.

The bottom line is most new affiliate marketers are not consistently making money online simply because they fail to understand online digital marketing is a “business” and it takes “work”.

It takes a lot of work; and most people are simply looking for that “Push Button Profits” System that; heads up folks – doesn’t exist.

This brings me back full circle of what I worked on today.

I completely revamped an entire sales funnel (my own) so that I would really understand the customer journey and how I could influence that journey.

It’s like building a road system and then drawing a map for a customer once they get on your road (website).

Where do you want them to go? Turn left, now turn right, click here, now click there and input your email address into the form, etc.

In conclusion:

Every single one of the many successful online affiliate marketing entrepreneurs I come across in my daily routine have a few things in common that have helped to transform their business.

  • They switched from consuming content to “producing” content.
  • They “took control” of their online sales funnels.
  • They created their “own” products as front-end or back-end offers to other existing affiliate products from other marketers. They essentially daisy-chained their offers to other affiliate offers.
  • They started getting paid like a business because they treated their actions as a “business”.
  • Lastly, they not only had a fundamental understanding of their customer journey; THEY MASTERED IT.

Final Words:

If I were to impart one last tip for new affiliate marketers who want to make money online consistently or who are struggling with making consistent money online would be:

Work with the end in mind. Know where you want your customer to end up the moment they land on your website and every step in between.

Draw it out, memorize it, optimize it!

Now Go Make Money!

I hope you found today’s post useful and keep coming back for more daily Affiliate Marketing Success Tips & Tricks and Videos.

? Cheers;
Thomas A. Hall

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