Your Daily Fix – 3 Ways to Use the Power of Leverage in Your Affiliate Marketing - Teaching You How To Create Multiple Streams of Income Through Affiliate Marketing
Teaching You How To Create Multiple Streams of Income Through Affiliate Marketing
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Your Daily Fix – 3 Ways to Use the Power of Leverage in Your Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Success Tips & Tricks

Hey folks. It's Thomas just bringing you another Daily "Fix" - Affiliate Marketing Success Tips and Tricks.

Today, let's talk about “Leverage” and a few quick ways to put leverage to work for YOU in affiliate marketing.

3 Ways to Use the Power of Leverage in Your Affiliate Marketing

1 Use OPC – Other People’s Content (ethically)

Today’s world of affiliate marketing, network marketing, or direct response marketing is not like it was just a few years ago. Today, content can be found anywhere and everywhere including sophisticated system generated content. There is no reason to be tied to your laptop 8 hours a day cranking out articles, blog posts, laboring over videos or any other type of content. There are a multitude of automated content sources now and we’ll cover a couple of those below.

Use the Power of Leverage and Create the Life You Want, not a Life Tied to your Laptop All Day!

This is what I like to call OPC – using Other People’s Content.

  1. Content Samurai – if you have never used Content Samurai, you’re definitely in for a treat. Content Samurai is my secret weapon when it comes to video creation. Content Samurai is an intelligent video creation system that allows you to produce high quality content videos, video sales letters, and even viral videos in just minutes completely from scratch. Just look at this example on my video training page: In just a matter of a few minutes you can generate a professionally done video complete with music and scenes timed to your overall script. One caveat* - you do have to have the overall draft of your script. You create the text, then let Content Samurai generate an expertly timed video with or without music all themed around your script. Content Samurai uses Powerful Artificial Intelligence to link your script text to each scene and accompanying music track.
  2. Doodly – Another great little example of leveraging “other people’s content” are the Doodly videos I place in these daily posts. Anybody can come up with a few helpful hints on just about any topic or niche you may be involved in. For me it’s affiliate, network, and direct response marketing. For you it may be off-roading, or overlanding, or outdoor gear; you get the idea. Take 5 minutes and create a top 3 helpful hints on your topic. Then leverage Doodly’s capabilities to overlay your text onto a full library of scenes, music, characters, and props that you choose. In literally under 10 minutes you can generate a cool little Doodly video that can be used in blog posts, social media content, YouTube, etc. It’s super simple and all you have to come up with is a few lines of text, the “system” generates the rest of the content for you.
  3. My last tip for short-cutting content generation is with Simple Freedom Academy and Power Lead System. When you join either of these programs; even as a FREE member, you get access to some of the best training and content around affiliate marketing and direct response marketing you’ll find. The content is kept ever-green and ready for you to put your own twist on it and post to social media, your lead capture pages, share-coded funnels, YouTube, etc. It’s truly done-for-you content. Just give it your own personal touch and you’re good to go.

2 Use DFY – "Done-For-You" Share Coded Funnels

Unlike other funnel systems that can cost as much as $197/mo. and more, Power Lead System is a complete marketing system in a box at a fraction of the cost for the full PLS membership. They even have a completely FREE lead generation system. But the real power is in the full PLS membership where you can leverage complete done for you, share-able marketing funnels from simple lead capture pages to full blown marketing funnels, video bridge pages to complete video sales pages. You can even share the pages you create across your entire team so they can leverage the work you did.

You want to talk about leverage, THAT’s leverage. I can copy a shared funnel, tweak the funnel with my own customizations, and publish it ready to capture my marketing leads in under 15 min. No other system I have used even comes close to the power of Power Lead System, period.

With PLS, you get powerful drag and drop pages, unlimited blogs, fully built for you custom Google Hangout-type pages, and a built-in contact management system and lead generation system in one overall awesome package. I use it myself for almost all of my own funnels.

3 Use MFD – Multiple Format Distribution

What I mean by multiple format distribution is really using the power of leverage when it comes to the content you’re generating for yourself, be it YouTube videos, blog posts, articles, social media posts, etc.

It’s all about Create Once – Re-use across your content distribution network.

For example, if I create a YouTube video: (create once - reuse in multiple formats)

  • Download the audio for that and create a podcast.
  • Post the video on your social media profiles. LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  • Take the video script or audio and have it transcribed into a Word document.
  • Post that document on your blog or web site.
  • Post an excerpt of the article on Facebook, and LinkedIn to drive more traffic to your blog or website.
  • If the content works for this, you may also want to create an infographic and post that on Pinterest, and your other social media pages. If needed, just use a freelancer on It’s super easy.
  • Take that same written script above and load it into Content Samurai for a completely different visual experience and a second video.
  • Rinse and repeat

As you can see in the above example, I create one video for YouTube. Sure, that may have taken me an hour or so to do; create, edit, post, etc. But now from that one video, I utilize that into multiple content posts and formats to truly leverage that one digital asset for the use in content marketing. Again, that is leverage!

In about 2 ½ hours you could have:

  • Created a cool little Doodly video using system generated content.
  • Used Content Samurai to not only create a unique video with system generated content driven by powerful AI, but also used Content Samurai in step 5 above to make a second video from your YouTube script.
  • Used the power of Power Lead System to create a full video sales funnel and lead capture page to help generate more sales.

I hope you found today’s post useful and keep coming back for more daily Affiliate Marketing Success Tips & Tricks.

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