Your Daily Fix – How to Get the Best Affiliate Marketing Tools for “Free” - Teaching You How To Create Multiple Streams of Income Through Affiliate Marketing
Teaching You How To Create Multiple Streams of Income Through Affiliate Marketing
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Your Daily Fix – How to Get the Best Affiliate Marketing Tools for “Free”

Affiliate Marketing Success Tips & Tricks

Hey folks. It's Thomas just bringing you another “Daily Fix" - Affiliate Marketing Success Tips and Tricks. This will be another short one….I’m hoping the sun comes out but right now it’s just a rainy and dreary Saturday afternoon in SoCAL. Might as well take pen to paper, or keyboard to screen and kick out a quick post…

Today, let's talk about a simple way to get most if not all, of the affiliate marketing tools you’re probably already using, essentially for free.

Make Sure You’re an Affiliate for Every Tool You Use in Your Business!

1 Make Sure You’re an Affiliate for Every Tool You Use in Your Business!

Now this should already be completely obvious to most everyone here, but I’m often surprised when I read blogs or look through YouTube video descriptions and I don’t see affiliate links to the products that I know that person or team is using on a daily basis in their business.

If you’re an affiliate marketer; that’s what you do… you market and promote products and programs from other companies in exchange for commissions from the sales that you help a company generate.

Maybe you’re an affiliate under the Amazon Associates Program, or you run a Shopify Store. Maybe, like me, you promote other affiliate training programs and tools to help people get up and running in their own home-based affiliate marketing business.

The fact is, everywhere you turn, every major company has some sort of referral program; take a look at Grub Hub’s below; “Give $7, Get $7. For every friend you send to Grub Hub who makes a qualifying purchase, you also get $7 off your orders.

There is nothing new under the sun here…

So… are you an active affiliate for EVERY tool you use; assuming they have an affiliate program?

If not, why aren’t you?

After all, this is what you do; affiliate marketing is how you get paid.

Promoting the very tools you use in your own business, either actively or passively is the simplest and easiest way to get to use those tools for “free”.

The “typical” affiliate commission percentage I see is between 30%-50% depending on the cost of the software. This essentially means that once I refer 2 customers who make a qualifying purchase, my software essentially becomes free for my own use. Once I bring in that 3rd qualifying purchaser, now I may actually be making a profit. Not a bad deal for simply promoting something I’m already using every day.

Let’s use Doodly as an example.

I use Doodly, which has a subscription-based pricing structure of about $20/mo.

Doodly helps me make the little short videos you see on my posts and on my social media sites, and quite honestly I love the tool and use it every day. Why wouldn’t I want to promote something I use every day?

So, back to our example…

  • Let’s assume I am paying $20/mo. for my own Doodly subscription.
  • I refer two customers, and each customer also pays $20/mo. For a combined $40/mo.
  • As an active affiliate I earn 50% so I am earning $20/mo. from those affiliate sales.
  • So now my Doodly subscription is essentially FREE to me.
  • If I refer just one more customer, I am now making $10 per customer per month in recurring income.
It’s a no brainer for affiliate marketers.

Not only do you potentially have the opportunity to get your affiliate tools for essentially free, if you refer enough customers, you’re actually generating a monthly income; in some cases, a very nice monthly income simply for promoting the tools and software you’re probably already using each and every day in your own business.

Tools like:

2 Don’t Purchase Another Affiliate Marketing Tool Until the One You’re Currently Using is Essentially “Free” (i.e. – your affiliates are paying for it.)

This second tip is just a little piece of advice. At some point we’ve all been victim to “The Shiny Object” Syndrome. Let’s face it, the Internet is full of hyped up affiliate programs and software, and before you even realize it, you’ve purchased 5 monthly subscriptions to affiliate tools you’re not even sure how to use.

Believe me, I’ve been there.

So, I really try and follow a simple guideline now. I do love to try new tools and programs; but I try and make a concerted effort to only buy a tool or program if the one I’m using is essentially “free” per the above example.

Now this really only applies to tools and programs that may be complimentary to something you already have. For example, I own Thrive Themes, Lead Pages, and OptimizePress. ALL of these allow you to build optimized landing pages, lead capture pages, etc.; each with their own little twist. You only need one, but I own more because each have slightly different functions and I use multiple web hosting platforms for diversity.

The same would apply to web hosting, email auto responders, marketing funnels, etc.

You probably wouldn’t be running ClickFunnels AND Power Lead System unless there was a real business need to do so OR you were able to get one or both for free through my example above.

“With Power Lead System, you can create an unlimited number of lead capture pages, drag and drop sales pages, full blown sales funnels, PLUS, you can build once, and share your pages and funnels across a team of affiliates. It’s one of the best funnel building platforms I’ve ever used.”

I hope you found today’s post useful and keep coming back for more daily Affiliate Marketing Success Tips & Tricks and videos.

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