Your Daily Fix – The ONLY 3 Things You Need to Make Money Online in Affiliate Marketing - Teaching You How To Create Multiple Streams of Income Through Affiliate Marketing
Teaching You How To Create Multiple Streams of Income Through Affiliate Marketing
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Your Daily Fix – The ONLY 3 Things You Need to Make Money Online in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Success Tips & Tricks

Hey folks. It's Thomas just bringing you another Daily "Fix" - Affiliate Marketing Success Tips and Tricks. It’s just a chill Friday night so I thought I’d toss out another tips and tricks post for the weekend. I think this will be a short one….

Tonight, let's talk about [ Keeping It Simple ]. Tonight, I want to blow the doors off the myth that affiliate marketing, direct response marketing, or network marketing is difficult. It really isn’t.

What IS difficult is staying focused and not getting stuck in the endless quagmire of the “shiny object syndrome.”

90% of being successful in affiliate marketing is persistence, staying focused, and keeping it simple. Don’t over complicate it.

In fact, there are only 3 things you absolutely need in order to make money online in affiliate marketing.

The ONLY 3 Things You Need to Make Money Online in Affiliate Marketing

1 Lead Capture Page

A way to capture website visitors for follow up. This can just be a simple opt-in form as your web site landing page that offers some form of lead magnet or basically a free offer to your web site visitor in exchange for their email address and/or name.

Your Lead Capture Page only has 2 purposes.

  • Collect website visitor information.
  • Redirect your visitor to your offer or sales page after they opt-in.

That’s it. Your first requirement for making money online in affiliate marketing is a way to capture your web site visitor information.

2 Sales Page or Offer Page

Second, you need a well written, and strong converting offer or sales page. This is typically the affiliate sales page you send your visitors to where they can make the purchase of your offer and this page is usually already created for you by the affiliate provider or product vendor. 99% of the time, these pages are provided to you and you don’t have to do anything; in fact, 99% of the time, you’re not able to modify the vendor’s replicated sales page.

So this task is done – that was easy!

3 Traffic

This is where most people stumble and it’s unfortunate because it’s not complicated AND it’s probably THE MOST important step in the process. Afterall, if you can’t get traffic to your site, you can’t make sales, period. It’s a numbers game.

Hypothetically, if you can get, say, 100 site visitors per day; let’s look at some “typical” conversion rates. Of course, conversion rates will vary depending on a few factors.

  • So, 100 site visitors per day to your lead capture page. That’s about 3000 per month.
  • Let’s say 5% opt-in which is fairly generous depending on your offer so now you have 150 “potential” customers. At least they’ve given you their name and email address. Now of course, there will be a small percentage in here that give you made up information, but let’s just keep the numbers easy for now.
  • Here is where your Lead Capture Page shines because out of that list of 150 people that opted into your form, typically only a small percentage will make a purchase on their 1st site visit.
  • Just for discussion-sake; let’s say 2% make a purchase on their 1st visit. So out of 150 people that month, you’ve made 3 sales simply from cold traffic. And I’m using fairly conservative figures here because although affiliate marketing isn’t that difficult, I also don’t want to give the impression that it’s any sort of get rich quick scheme because it’s not. It takes time, investment of resources, and persistence.

So back to that lead capture page; each month you keep collecting more names and email addresses and after 6 months you may have 900 names or more; (150 x 6). AND you now have the ability to email and continue to follow up with those leads in an attempt to continue to make a sale.

And that’s really it. It’s about ensuring you have a continuous stream of front-end leads flowing to your lead capture pages.

So how do you get traffic and maintain an active stream of leads coming into your affiliate offers? Like I said, this is where most affiliate marketers stumble and end up giving up after only a few months.

Following the mantra of “keeping it simple”; I personally look at getting traffic in only one of two ways.

  • Slow, organic traffic via blog posts, articles or content marketing like doing YouTube videos, social media posts, etc. The good thing about this method is it’s essentially free. The downside of course is it is very slow; it takes time and a potentially long time (8-18 months) to get your pages to rank in Google so people can even find your posts or content.
  • The next method is paid traffic. There are a multitude of options here. You could use paid solo email ads, social media paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, etc. The great thing about this is you will begin seeing results in as little as 24 hours. You’ll know very quickly whether or not your offer is converting. The downside with this method, of course, is that your ad spend can quickly get out of control if you don’t watch it very carefully.

My recommendation; use both, content marketing for the long game and paid solo traffic for the short game from solid companies like Traffic Authority and DFY Solos, so you can immediately begin testing your offers.

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I hope you found today’s post useful and keep coming back for more daily Affiliate Marketing Success Tips & Tricks.

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