Your Daily Fix – Turn Your Current Struggles Into Your Biggest Opportunity - Teaching You How To Create Multiple Streams of Income Through Affiliate Marketing
Teaching You How To Create Multiple Streams of Income Through Affiliate Marketing
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Your Daily Fix – Turn Your Current Struggles Into Your Biggest Opportunity

Affiliate Marketing Success Tips & Tricks  

Hello Friend;

?? Let me first extend a warm and sincere wish of safety among you and that you stay healthy and calm in the midst of all of the uncertainty around us.

I just wanted to send a quick message out to my fellow network and referral marketers here and to those who may be considering a shift in career in light of current events.

In light of everything going on today with COVID-19; there is no doubt many small and mid-sized businesses around us are hurting and our hearts truly go out to those business owners, and their families.

Support your local businesses wherever you can in these challenging times.

However, even in the most challenging of times, there are always untapped opportunities that are all around us if we can remove the distractions and begin to look at things differently.

       Now Is The Time?

Now is the Time – Turn our Current Struggles Into Your Biggest Opportunity

Over the past 30 days, the Network Marketing world has been turned completely upside down due to current COVID-19 challenges.

I know for me personally, there were at least 6 live events that I had planned to attend that are now deferred or have moved to a LIVE Online Format.

1000’s of event planners have had to rapidly change their in-person events and move to an online format.

That presents a HUGE Opportunity for people that perhaps could not make the in-person events due to various reasons.

Here are a few quick tips for those involved in network or referral/affiliate marketing:

  1. Take advantage and participate in the events that have now moved from large in-person venues to online events. I’ve personally seen some of those $1000+ in-person tickets go on sale for as low as $147.00 for an online venue now. That presents a huge opportunity for individuals looking for additional training that perhaps could not afford the higher in-person ticket prices or simply could not make the event due to other logistics reasons.
  2. In addition to hugely discounted online event prices, many of those same events are also giving away fantastic, free bonuses for attending the online event.
  3. For the more experienced network and referral marketer, there has NEVER been a better opportunity for you to secure stage-time or stage sponsorship over the next 6-9 months. Consider sponsoring a “virtual” stage for those organizations that have had to cancel their in-person events.
  4. For those involved in online Social Media Advertising, this is a GREAT time to think about doubling down on your Social Media Advertising. Some of those ad prices have come down to 2015 levels and viewership has expanded exponentially since most of the country; most of the world, has been sequestered to their homes right now.
  5. The Network Marketing and Referral Marketing Community is second to none. There is so much support right now; this is a huge opportunity to learn from some of the best speakers, coaches, marketers, and leaders in the industry. They’re offering literally $ millions of dollars in free content, challenges, coaching, and training. Leverage all that content for your online business, and if you’re in the position to offer that same support or free content to your audiences, please do so. Your future dividends will be tenfold.

So, in Summary;

  • Please take advantage right now of heavily discounted training and even live speaker spots. This may be your chance to get out in front of 1000’s of people or more with your message.
  • Consider doubling down on your Social Media Marketing advertising right now.
  • Please give back wherever you can right now. Help those just beginning their own journeys.
  • Reach out to those mentors you follow; you may be surprised at how open they are to having 1:1 or small group discussions and coaching right now.
  • Please take advantage of all the low-cost and free content, training, and coaching that is being offered in our industry right now.

In Closing;

We haven’t seen a time like this since maybe just after 9/11.

Be Safe, Be Calm, and Look for All the Silver Linings Around Us in this Time of Uncertainty.

But please know this …. THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

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I hope you found today’s post useful and keep coming back for more daily Affiliate Marketing Success Tips & Tricks and videos.

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