Your Daily Fix – Want Big Affiliate Paydays? - Teaching You How To Create Multiple Streams of Income Through Affiliate Marketing
Teaching You How To Create Multiple Streams of Income Through Affiliate Marketing
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Your Daily Fix – Want Big Affiliate Paydays?

Affiliate Marketing Success Tips & Tricks

Hey folks. It's Thomas bringing you another “Daily Fix" - Affiliate Marketing Success Tips and Tricks. Who doesn’t want bigger affiliate pay days? A bit of a rhetorical question huh?

Hey, if you’re going to give me a choice, I’ll take huge affiliate paydays every time.

Today, let's talk about a relatively simple way to ensure you’re working to maximize your own affiliate commissions every time you make a sale.

Here’s a small hint; this is one of the key contributing factors as to why 99% of affiliate marketers fail to make any real income online.

Want Big Affiliate Paydays?

1 Stop Doing This – focusing solely on low ticket affiliate products

So many affiliate marketers and network marketers I come across continue to sabotage their profits by doing this one thing over and over again…

I really don’t blame them; I did the same thing years ago before I finally learned it was the fast track to continual business losses. At the time I just didn’t realize that if you’re using any sort of paid traffic (solo ads, FB ads, IG ads, etc.),  AND you’re only focusing on low ticket products like those found on popular affiliate marketing reseller sites you’re setting yourself up for failure.

You need a complete back end system with up sells and optional funnels to compliment your front-end offer if you expect to make any significant income. But we’ll get more into that in a bit.

The formula is quite simple;

If you’re paying $1.00 up to as much as $6.00+ per individual lead into your online funnel, you have to make a whole lot of sales on those lower end products just to essentially break even “if you’re lucky.”

Even if you have a GREAT converting offer, and you’re making 50% on say a $47.00 affiliate product, you need literally 1000’s of leads into your front-end funnel to make a profit. That can be a bit daunting with just content marketing and very expensive with paid traffic.

Let’s dive just a little bit deeper, then I want to jump to what you “should” be doing instead.

Let’s say you are paying on the low end $1.25 per click into your sales funnel where you earn 50% on a $47.00 product from one of the big affiliate reseller sites.


1000 clicks into your sales page/funnel @ $1.25ea = $1250 front end investment just for traffic.

Let’s say 5% of your traffic purchases which is probably pretty typical of these types of products. So about 5 out of 100 people that see your offer, or 50 out of the 1000 clicks you paid for.

50 sales @ $23.50 = $1175.00 in income.

So just taking into account your traffic expenses, you’re already losing money on a $47 offer with paid traffic.

The math just doesn’t work for these types of offers by themselves.

You’ll be a hamster on a wheel promoting these all day long and losing money the whole time.

Now…. What should you be doing?

Let’s put a slight variation on the above…

Here is a sample funnel for demonstration purposes.

2 Start Doing This – promote and leverage high payout “systemized” programs

Just to be clear; marketing low ticket affiliate products “can” be fine, as long as they are the front end to a larger and systemized product suite that you’re able to tap into.

Using the above example; let’s say you’re marketing that same example above paying the same $1.25 per click/lead into your funnel for a $47.00 affiliate offer.

You make the same 50 sales and yeah, on the front end you’re taking a small loss based on the cost of traffic to initial sales.

But “most” of your sales will “not” come from cold traffic hitting your sales page on the 1st time. It takes time for people to warm up to your offers. They don’t know, like, or trust you initially because it’s cold traffic.

Now, instead of sending cold traffic to your reseller sales page, let’s say you send your traffic to a lead capture page where you can capture names and/or email addresses.

Here is where the magic takes place, provided you’re adding the value your audience is looking for over time.

Over the next 60 days, you continue to follow up with the leads, sending them good content, providing value and really giving them the information and content they’re seeking.

Now they’re starting to warm up to you; they’re getting to know you a bit through your writing style and hopefully you’re sharing a bit of yourself along the way with your content.

Let’s go back to the previous sales example.

So, you’ve made 50 sales @$47.00ea. Great, but now instead of taking them directly to the product they’ve purchased, you instead direct them to an upsell page and offer a limited “one-time-offer” for some sort of upgraded product that compliments what they’ve just purchased and you charge $99.00 for that product with a 50% commission.

You’ve made 50 sales @ $47 with a 50% commission and you get the same $1175.00.

But now you’ve added that one-time-offer to your funnel and let’s say 5 out of the 50 purchase so a conversion rate of 10% essentially.

5 sales @$99 = $495 – 50% = $247.50.

Now your sales are looking a bit better at:

$1175 + $247.50 = $1422.50.

Realistically, if you can get your traffic costs per lead around that level you are probably right in the profit zone from the start. This is the sweet spot to be in.

But we don’t end here…

Using the same example above still, with the initial number of 50 sales plus the 5 one time offers;

You still have your list of subscribers AND you now have an initial list of BUYERS that you continue to follow up with daily, weekly, whatever.

Let’s say out of the 1000 people that made it to your lead capture page you were able to capture 30% or 30 leads/email addresses and you’ve continued to email those 300 people with great content over the past 60 days.

Now out of those 300 people you’ve been following up on, 10% are now warmed up to you and your product offering enough to make a purchase.

That’s another 30 sales @$47ea. or net commission to you in the amount of $705.00.

30 x $47 = $1410. Take your 50% commission = $705.00.

Now let’s say out of those 30, 5 take you up on that one-time-offer giving you another $247.50.

Awesome – now the numbers are looking a bit better.

If you’ve followed me thus far:

Initial sales:

50 @ $47ea -50% commission =

5 one-time-offer sales @$99-50% =





Follow Up Sales

50 @ $47ea -50% commission =

5 one-time-offer sales @$99-50% =







Now you’re looking a bit better here and you may actually be able to sustain a real business at these levels if you can keep your sales up and leads flowing through your funnels.

Now the above examples are all well and good, and if you decided to run traffic to a similar offer from one of those large affiliate reseller sites; you’d probably make a little money which is fantastic.

But that’s not how you have “Big Affiliate Paydays”.

The best, easiest, and in my mind, the only way to have big affiliate paydays, outside of being Grant Cordone himself, is to promote high ticket affiliate offers. These could be other company’s offers or your own high-ticket products.

What are high ticket affiliate offers?

Most of the time, these are custom and individualized high dollar coaching programs and higher priced affiliate training developed to help get your affiliate marketing business up and running and making money quickly so you’re not wasting days, weeks and sometimes months trying to figure out how to get your sales funnels set up.

The costs of these can really vary in price anywhere from a pretty reasonable $500 all the way up to $10K and higher.

To spend a day in a group coaching session with Grant Cardone could cost you upwards of $25K. And people definitely pay that. Those could be life-changing coaching opportunities. How much would that be worth to you?

That’s how you have big affiliate paydays.

Now you could develop your own coaching program, but the reality is most of us are not Grant Cordone. Let Grant me Grant and you be you.

So select and promote those companies that offer higher end coaching products and programs that you use yourself and that you really stand behind and believe in.
 If done correctly, instead of bringing in several $100 payments per month you could be bringing in a few $2000 payments per month and now that changes the game. That kind of income would allow many to work full time in a business they enjoy and love.

So, where do you find these types of programs?

Here are just a few high payout “systemized” programs that offer a true “business in a box” for beginning affiliate marketers or for those affiliate marketers that simply want to scale their business and add on additional income streams:

The key is to promote those companies that you truly believe in and that have great long-standing reputations in the industry.

All of the organizations below stand the test of time and have proven long term track records of solid affiliate payments, and they’re run by known and recognized, seasoned professionals in the industry.

The leaders of each of the organizations below have helped individuals and large organizations generate 100’s of $ millions in additional revenue. Do you think they could help you generate a few $ thousand a month?

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I hope you found today’s post useful and keep coming back for more daily Affiliate Marketing Success Tips & Tricks and videos.

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